Vietnamese Film “A Fragile Flower” Launches in Three Countries

Mai Thu Huyen's film "A Fragile Flower" is set to release in March and will premiere in Vietnam, the US, and India at the same time.


On March 4, Tincom Media announced the release of the movie “A Fragile Flower”. In order to promote Vietnamese cinema to the global market, the producer planned to simultaneously release the film in three countries: Vietnam, the US, and India, and also participate in various film festivals.

Mai Thu Huyen, the director and lead actress of the film. Photo: Hanoimoi

“A Fragile Flower” is a movie that combines elements of the socio-psychological and musical genres. The story revolves around the life of a young female singer who becomes a famous star due to her exceptional singing talent. However, on her journey to fame, she also has to pay a high price…

The film takes the audience behind the scenes of the Vietnamese artists’ world abroad. It was entirely shot in the US, with scenes filmed in different states, and features well-known artists such as Mai Thu Huyen, Maya, Quoc Cuong, singer Nhat Ha, Trizzie Phuong Trinh, Baggio Saetti, and Duc Tien.

Maya plays the female lead in the movie. Photo: Hanoimoi

“A Fragile Flower” will be released on March 29 in nearly 60 theaters across the United States. The film will then have its official premiere in Vietnam as part of the Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival, which will take place from April 6 to 13. Through the distributor BHD, the film will be officially screened in theaters nationwide on April 18.

To further promote Vietnamese cinema to the global market, the movie will also be shown in India. Notably, this will be the first Vietnamese film to be commercially released in India and dubbed in both English and Hindi. The movie will start showing in 70 theaters in India on May 31.

“After a film promotion trip to India at the end of 2023, I am thrilled by the very positive response from both filmmakers and audiences,” said Director Mai Thu Huyen.

Charlotte Pho