Vietnamese Expatriates Exhibit Maps of their Homeland in Japan

On February 21, the Vietnamese Consulate General in Osaka collaborated with the Vietnamese Association in Kansai, Japan to host an event celebrating Vietnam as a land of natural beauty.


The event was a response to the “Proud of the Mountains and Rivers” campaign initiated by the Central Youth Union, aimed at promoting patriotism and raising awareness of national and ethnic sovereignty. As part of the campaign, young people in Vietnam displayed maps of the country in their study, work, and public spaces.

During the ceremony, Ngo Trinh Ha, the Vietnamese Consul General in Osaka, highlighted the growing strength of the Vietnamese community in Japan, which currently consists of over 530,000 individuals.

The opening ceremony of the event.

Through these meaningful activities, Consul General Ngo Trinh Ha hopes to deepen the understanding and support of the Japanese community towards Vietnam’s territorial sovereignty. “We hope that our Japanese friends will join us in spreading the word,” she expressed.

Le Thuong, Chairwoman of the Vietnamese Association in Kansai, emphasized the Vietnam map as a symbol of national sovereignty and Vietnamese pride.

Presenting Vietnam map to Osaka University and Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association.

Each displayed map serves as a way for Vietnamese people residing, working, and studying in Japan to gain a better understanding of the country’s geography and the historical significance of defending the nation’s land.

“I believe this activity carries immense meaning as maps not only offer knowledge about geography but also serve as the embodiment of our homeland, the place we were born. The launch of the movement to widely use Vietnam’s map, initiated by young people, is a positive sign as we enter the new year of 2024. It serves as a reminder of the sacred sovereignty that resides within the hearts of all Vietnamese individuals,” remarked Le Thuong.

During the opening ceremony, the Organizing Committee presented a map of Vietnam to various organizations, including Osaka University, the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association, YouTuber Betonamu Kun, the Fukuoka Vietnamese Association, the Toyama Vietnamese Association, and JVS.

Representative of the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association (right) – the unit awarded the Vietnam map.

Professor Shimizu Misaki, Head of the Vietnamese Department at Osaka University, emphasized the significance of these maps. “Receiving the map will allow students in our Vietnamese department to learn about Vietnam’s historical geography in the most accurate way possible. This is the first time we have received a map from Vietnam. This activity is significant and practical, particularly for international students’ understanding of Vietnam in their education,” she stated.

Charlotte Pho