Vietnamese Enterprises Participate in Green Food Expo in Hong Kong (China)

Numerous Vietnamese companies participated in Vegetarian Food Asia, the biggest and most extensive exhibition of vegetarian and eco-friendly lifestyle in Hong Kong (China).


Vietnamese businesses participated in the 10th Vegetarian Food Asia (VFA) held in Hong Kong, China from March 8-10, as reported by VNA.

A wide range of Vietnamese organic products were showcased at the fair for the first time.

VICOSAP products attract the attention of Hong Kong consumers. Photo: VNA

The expo, Vegetarian Food Asia, celebrated its 10th anniversary at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and featured 6,000 vegetarian options and green living products. With over 300 exhibitors and 600 brands, it included taste-testing booths, yoga sessions, and craft workshops from March 8 to 10.

This highlights the growing trend towards a healthier, more environmentally conscious, and animal-friendly lifestyle, especially in Asia.

Lam Ngoc Tu, the Deputy Director of Cau Ke Tra Vinh Wax Coconut Processing Company Limited (VICOSAP), brought 10 lines of wax coconut products to the fair, which are exported to the US, the UK, Japan, and Taiwan and Hong Kong, to target vegetarian consumers.

Other Vietnamese products such as coffee, cashew nuts, noodles, and dried fruits also attracted the interest of Hong Kong customers.

Visitors browse the expo with over 300 stalls offering a wide range of plant-based and eco-friendly food and lifestyle goods.

Kelvin Chau, the Chief Representative of Guangdong Import-Export Association in Vietnam, shared that Hong Kong people love to consume foods imported from Vietnam such as cashew nuts, coffee, and pepper because of their taste and flavor.

He took Vietnamese companies to the fair to provide them with opportunities to access the Hong Kong market and subsequently enter the Chinese market.

Kelvin Chau stated that the Guangdong Import-Export Association has been facilitating connections between Vietnamese businesses and Chinese and Hong Kong businesses for many years, such as introducing Vietnamese products into these markets. Most recently, Vietnamese businesses participated in the China Import-Export Fair (Canton Fair) in Guangzhou.

Conversely, the association has also been bringing Chinese and Hong Kong businesses to Vietnam to participate in exhibitions.

He emphasized that the Vietnam-China trade turnover in 2023 was relatively good, with Vietnam’s durian exports to China surpassing USD 2 billion.

The Guangdong Import-Export Association focuses on promoting Vietnam’s leading products such as coffee, cashew nuts, seafood, and pepper in the Chinese market.

Organized for the first time in 2015, VFA has become the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of vegetarian and eco-friendly living in Hong Kong. It has attracted the participation of companies from various countries, including China, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam.

During this year’s event, vegetarian, vegan, and plant-friendly attendees had the opportunity to explore the latest vegetarian trends in Asia through seminars and workshops. The exhibition also featured a variety of vegan coffees, healthy teas, aromatic teas, juices, vegan wines, and other beverages, providing more choices for visitors.

Furthermore, it provided producers and businesses with a platform to connect and launch naturally organic products in the market to meet the growing consumer demand.

Last year, the VFA drew over 52,000 visitors.

Hannah Nguyen