Vietnamese Diaspora Hosts “Back to Our Roots” Summer Camp in Czech Republic

The 14th installment of the annual "Returning to the Roots" Summer Camp, hosted by the Vietnamese Buddhist Association in the Czech Republic between July 3-8 of 2023, will be providing essential life skills for the young generation of Vietnamese expatriates.


About 70 Vietnamese expatriates participated in the week-long camp. According to the President of the Vietnamese Association in the Czech Republic Nguyen Duy Nhien, this is a meaningful activity to connect the second and third generations of Vietnamese with their community.

“Thanks to the guidance, and care of the monks and nuns of the Mai village, this is the 10 continuous years the camp was held for the young Vietnamese generation in the Czech Republic. There is also the support from Vietnamese Association in Europe and the Vietnamese Women’s Union in the Czech Republic… The summer camp helped connect and cultivate the spiritual values ​​of the families and of Vietnam for the younger generation of expatriates,” said Nhien.

OVs Hold "Returning to the Roots" Summer Camp in Czech Republic
There were about 70 Vietnamese expatriates who participated in the week-long camp (Photo: TD).

This is also the opportunity for young Vietnamese living aboard to improve their Vietnamese language skills by participating in diverse programs of lessons and games.

“Returning to the Roots” Summer Camp welcomed children, parents, and the whole community to meditate and listen to lectures on Buddhism. The valuable customs and traditions from Vietnam as well as the wisdom teachings of Buddhism are simplified to be suitable for Vietnamese who were born and raised abroad.

OVs Hold "Returning to the Roots" Summer Camp in Czech Republic
The camp was held fom July 3-8 with about 70 participants (Photo: the Vietnamese Buddhist Association in Czech Republic).

Another activity to improve the understanding of Motherland is a presentation on environmental projects for Vietnam in Vietnamese. The young expatriates discussed the relevant topics and were very excited to give presentations, showing their enthusiasm for learning about the homeland.

The summer camp helped them gain new knowledge and skills for positive transformations and also left beautiful memories about friendship, peace, and patriotism.

Viet Expats in Czech Republic: A Bridge to Connect Two Peoples

The Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic, consisting of more than 100,000 people, brings rich and diverse cultural nuances and contributes to the socio-economic development of the host country. The community helps bridge economic cooperation and cultural exchange and increases tourism between the two countries.

The Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic was recently, recognized by the Czech government as an ethnic group as a testament to the relations and political trust between the two countries.

Zoey Nguyễn