Vietnamese Diaspora Celebrate Annual Day of Appreciation for Language

Preserving cultural identity and strengthening the bond between the Vietnamese diaspora and their homeland is made possible through the preservation and spread of their native language. The Vietnamese language serves to create a unique connection between the spread-out community, providing an avenue for culture to be shared and cultivated.


In order to preserve and expand the movement of teaching and learning the Vietnamese language for future generations of Vietnamese children, the Sapa-Prague Vietnamese Centre plays a crucial role as a “fire keeper,” according to VNA.

Established 21 years ago, the Vietnamese Centre of Prague, previously known as the Sapa Vietnamese Centre, has been conducting regular Vietnamese courses on weekends, attracting thousands of Vietnamese children. In addition to summer courses, the center focuses on testing capacity and proficiency to provide appropriate teaching methods for each student. Despite not receiving a salary, the dedicated classroom teachers receive a small hourly compensation.

Overseas Vietnamese Abroad Respond to Day for Honouring Vietnamese Language
A class at the course of the Sapa – Prague Vietnamese Centre. Photo: VNA

The success of the summer courses is attributed to the support of the Vietnamese Embassy in the Czech Republic, donors, teachers, and parents of students. Nguyen Van Son, the Director of the Sapa-Prague Vietnamese Centre, believes that Vietnamese associations in general should research and plan Vietnamese summer camps in the Czech Republic to promote the significance and benefits of learning Vietnamese to the community. Apart from his position as the director of the center, Son is also the president of the Veterans Association in the Czech Republic and the Party Secretary of the Sapa Trade Center.

In Russia, the Vietnamese Embassy, in collaboration with the Vietnamese Association and the Moscow State Linguistics University, organized a Vietnamese language festival to honor and promote the learning of Vietnamese on September 7, in response to the Day for Honoring Vietnamese Language in Vietnamese Communities Abroad (September 8). The event aimed to encourage students and researchers to continue their studies on Vietnam and foster closer ties between the two countries.

Overseas Vietnamese Abroad Respond to Day for Honouring Vietnamese Language
Ambassador Dang Minh Khoi (C) presents a thank-you letter to lecturers of the Vietnamese language. Photo: NDO

At the festival, Ambassador Dang Minh Khoi emphasized the importance of learning the Vietnamese language to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Vietnam and Russia. The event provided lecturers and teachers an opportunity to exchange teaching experiences and allowed Russian students to interact with Vietnamese peers, helping them gain a deeper understanding of Vietnamese culture and literature.

Overseas Vietnamese Abroad Respond to Day for Honouring Vietnamese Language
Seminar “Vietnamese in the Russian Federation: Prospects and challenges” in hybrid forms at venues in Vietnam and some universities in Russia. Photo: NDO

In the Russian Federation, a seminar titled “Vietnamese in the Russian Federation: Prospects and Challenges” was held within the framework of the Vietnamese Language Festival. Vietnamese and Russian experts in teaching Vietnamese, as well as numerous Vietnamese and Russian students, attended the discussion.

Meanwhile, the Consulate General of Vietnam in Luang Prabang province of Laos, in cooperation with the Overseas Vietnamese Association in Oudomxay province, organized a ceremony to mark the Day for Honouring Vietnamese Language on September 4. The event attracted a large number of Vietnamese nationals residing in the locality.

Overseas Vietnamese Abroad Respond to Day for Honouring Vietnamese Language
Vietnamese Consul General in Luang Prabang, Kieu Thi Hang Phuc (in traditional long address) takes a photo with disadvantaged students in the Oudomxay province of Laos. Photo: VNA

Delivering a speech at the ceremony, Vietnamese Consul General in Luang Prabang, Kieu Thi Hang Phuc, emphasized the need for Vietnamese associations in the northern provinces of Laos to collaborate with local authorities to introduce Vietnamese language courses in educational institutions with a large number of Vietnamese students. She also proposed diversifying teaching methods, such as cultural activities, to promote the learning of Vietnamese.

During the same event, the Consulate General of Vietnam in Luang Prabang presented gifts to the Vietnamese Ministry of Defense and disadvantaged students in the locality to commemorate the start of the new school year.

Hannah Nguyen