Vietnamese Culture Day Held in Russian University to Promote Traditional Heritage

Vietnamese international students are actively showcasing the rich culture and delicious cuisine of their home country, Vietnam, in Russia.




A cultural, art, and food exchange program titled “Vietnamese Day” took place at Bauman Moscow State Technical University in Russia on February 16, according to VNA.


Representatives from the Vietnamese side included Vuong Dac Thang, the Vietnamese Defence Attaché in Russia; Duong Hoang Minh, the Vietnamese Trade Counsellor in the Russian Federation; and representatives from the Party Committee and the Overseas Student Affairs Management Office of the Vietnamese Embassy in Russia, the Vietnamese Student Association, and the Vietnamese Association in Russia.


Representing Bauman were Mikhail Dmitrievich Safonov, the vice principal in charge of policy and youth education; Chernikov Aleksandr Sergeevich, the dean of the Faculty of International Education Program; Gurko Igor Vladimirovich, the head of the Department of International Educational Cooperation; and hundreds of Vietnamese students studying at various universities in Moscow, as well as international students interested in Vietnamese culture.











Vietnamese Defence Attaché in Russia Vuong Dac Thang speaks at the event. Photo: VNA


Dean Chernikov spoke about the long-standing friendship and mutual support between Russia and Vietnam throughout the years.


Chernikov noted that among the university’s foreign students from 76 countries, Vietnamese students have achieved numerous notable academic accomplishments, including many Olympiad awards in mathematics, physics, and other subjects.


He stressed that cultural exchange programs like this offer Russians an opportunity to learn about Vietnam’s culture, country, and people.


Vietnamese Defence Attaché in Russia Vuong Dac Thang affirmed that Bauman is a renowned university worldwide, and many Vietnamese alumni hold important positions in research agencies or the Vietnamese government.


He expressed gratitude to the university for its continuous support of Vietnamese students in their studies, life, and activities and for providing favorable conditions for organizing the event.


Thang also commended the efforts of the Vietnamese international student group at Bauman University, highlighting their enthusiasm and determination not only in academics but also in cultural and sports activities.


On the occasion of the New Year of the Dragon 2024, Thang wished Vietnamese students continued success in their studies and more wonderful memories in beautiful Russia.











Participants at the event immerse themselves in a rich Vietnamese cultural space with a photo exhibition on the Southeast Asian country’s picturesque landscapes, folk games, dances, and traditional dishes. Photo: VNA


Yana, a first-year student at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, expressed her admiration for the program organized by Vietnamese students. Although she has not been to Vietnam, she has had the opportunity to enjoy many Vietnamese dishes in Moscow. She described the event as a chance for her to gain a deeper understanding of Vietnamese cuisine, costumes, and traditional culture.


During the cultural exchange program, the audience immersed themselves in the cultural beauty of different regions across Vietnam through songs and dances performed by Vietnamese students, showcasing the poetic and peaceful landscapes of the Northwest mountains and forests and highlighting literary works that have had a significant impact on Vietnamese culture, art, and religion.



Hannah Nguyen