Vietnamese Business Community in Berlin Gathers to Kickstart 2024

On the occasion of the New Year 2024, a gathering was recently organized in Berlin to bring together Vietnamese businesses.


The Dong Xuan Trade Center in the Lichtenberg district of Berlin recently hosted a gathering with Vietnamese businesses to celebrate the New Year, as reported by VOV.

In his speech, Chu Tuan Duc, the minister-counsellor at the Vietnamese Embassy in Germany, expressed his excitement for the strong growth and success of the businesses operating at the center.

Duc is confident that the Vietnamese community in Germany will continue to achieve even greater things and act as a bridge for enhancing the relationship between the two nations. He believes that the strategic partnership between Germany and Vietnam is not only strengthened by the governments but also fostered by the people, businesses, and local communities.

The Minister-Counsellor at the Vietnamese Embassy, Chu Tuan Duc, addressing the event. Photo: VNA

He further emphasized that over the years, the Dong Xuan Trade Center has become a significant economic hub in the German capital, making valuable contributions to the Lichtenberg district and Berlin as a whole.

Additionally, he believes that the center has truly become a cultural and exchange hub, serving as a meeting place for the Vietnamese community in Germany.

Meanwhile, Martin Schaefer, the Mayor of Lichtenberg, acknowledged the importance of the Dong Xuan Trade Center as it not only serves as an economic development center but also as an integration center that greatly benefits the district.

He promised to support Vietnamese businesses operating there in their pursuit of sustainable growth and better integration.

The Mayor of Lichtenberg, Martin Schaefer, commits to supporting Vietnamese businesses for sustainable growth and better integration. Photo: VNA

According to Nguyen Xuan Dinh, a representative of the Vietnamese businesses operating at the center, the Dong Xuan Cultural Center, located within the premises of the Dong Xuan Trade Center, opened in 2023 with an investment capital of more than EUR 20 million (USD 21.8 million). It has consistently served as a cultural exchange meeting point for the Vietnamese community in Berlin.

The Dong Xuan Trade Center was established in the early 2000s and is recognized as the largest trade center for Vietnamese nationals in Germany. It is also the largest Asian market in Berlin.

German data demonstrates that, among EU member countries, Germany is currently Vietnam’s largest trading partner, with bilateral trade reaching about EUR 18 billion (over USD 19 billion) in 2022. Moreover, approximately 500 German companies have representative offices operating in Vietnam. To diversify markets and production locations, many German companies are considering investments in Vietnam. Additionally, over 100,000 Vietnamese individuals have studied and worked in Germany.

Hannah Nguyen