Vietnamese ‘Blue Beret’ Soldiers Celebrate National Day in Africa

Vietnamese "blue beret" soldiers serving in UN peacekeeping missions in South Sudan, Abyei, and the UNISFA Mission had a serious, heartfelt, and brilliant celebration on September 2 amid the thrilling atmosphere of the 77th National Day.


Special National Day of ‘Blue Beret’ Doctors

Vietnamese peacekeeping in the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission UNMISS – South Sudan, organized by Vietnam’s Field Hospital Level 2 No. 4, celebrated on September 1. The 77th anniversary of National Day is particularly noteworthy.

Vietnamese spirit of the green beret soldier on National Day. In the photo is a decorated Vietnamese space at BVDC2.4 in South Sudan (Photo: BVDC 2.4)
The National Day spirit of the Vietnamese “blue beret” soldiers. The image shows a Vietnamese-themed area at Field Hospital Level 2 No. 4 in South Sudan. Photo: Vietnam’s Field Hospital Level 2 No. 4

The Commander of the Vietnamese Peacekeeping Force in South Sudan, Lieutenant Colonel Pham Tan Phong, was inspired to reflect on the beautiful and proud history of his father’s generations. forward in the cause of struggle and defense of peace, independence, freedom, and national sovereignty.

The official of the Vietnam Peacekeeping Department also reaffirmed the resolve and constant efforts of Vietnamese officers and troops in executing the UN peacekeeping operation as well as successfully completing the tasks entrusted to them by the Party and the State of Vietnam.

Representative of the Mission Commander, Noel Ngaha – Head of UNMISS field operations agency, was extremely impressed when participating in this important ceremony. Delivering a congratulatory speech to Vietnamese cadres and soldiers, Noel Ngaha expressed his admiration for the history of the Vietnamese people and affirmed the gratitude of the United Nations for their important contributions to the United Nations peacekeeping mission.

The guests and international friends took souvenir photos with the Board of Directors and officers and employees of BVDC2.4 (Photo: BVDC 2.4).
The guests and international friends took souvenir photos with the Board of Directors and officers and employees of Field Hospital Level 2 No. 4. Photo: Field Hospital Level 2 No. 4

Lieutenant Colonel Vu Minh Duong, Director of Field Hospital Level 2 No. 4, stated that Field Hospital Level 2 No. 4’s officers and personnel diligently planned, meticulously prepared, and restored the unit’s landscape and royal places to welcome guests in preparation for this important celebration. The general cleaning and decoration of the hospital’s hall and main gate were done with the self-conscious and passionate participation of every member of the hospital staff.

Due to the influence of severe weather and extended heavy rain in Bentiu, South Sudan, cultural and sports exchange activities of Field Hospital Level 2 No. 4 with friends have been postponed for the time being, but the spirit of National Day here remains exceptionally warm.

Field Hospital Level 2 No. 4 in particular has concentrated on developing a herbal medicine garden, an area for the cultivation of conventional medicinal plants, with seeds brought from Vietnam by the hospital’s officials and troops prior to embarking on this mission. This is also the first herbal medicine garden created and maintained with the intention of looking after the staff’s health and assisting them in their work as professionals.

First National Day of the Vietnam No.1 Military Engineers Team

The Vietnam No.1 Military Engineer Team of Vietnam hosted a solemn gathering to commemorate the 77th anniversary of the August Revolution and the National Day of September 2 at noon on September 2 at the Highway base, UNISFA Mission, Abyei region. Brigadier General Atogebakga Alobawone, Acting Head of the UNISFA Mission, Military Commander, Colonel Elie Bukuru, Chief of Staff of the Mission, Heads and Deputy Heads of Functional Departments and Divisions, and Commanders of Units Under the Mission were present.

International guests and friends take souvenir photos with the Commanding Board and officers and employees of Vietnam's No.1 Engineers Team (Photo: Vietnam's No.1 Engineers Team).
International guests and friends take souvenir photos with the Commanding Board and officers and employees of Vietnam’s No.1 Engineers Team Photo: Vietnam’s No.1 Military Engineers Team.

After the screening of the documentary film about the National Day and the flag-raising ceremony, Colonel Mac Duc Trong, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Peacekeeping Department, Commander of the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces of Vietnam at the Mission UNISFA, Captain of Vietnam’s No. 1 Military Engineer Team, reviewed the history of construction, fighting, and development of the Vietnamese nation; Vietnam’s economic, cultural, social and defense achievements over the years; results of the deployment of the Engineer Team to the UNISFA Mission, the results of the Mission’s performance in the past three months.

It is underlined that the operations of the Vietnam Engineers Team have ensured that the Northern Division’s arterial route is always smooth throughout the recent rainy season; coordinating nearly 20 successful rescues of more than a hundred United Nations cars and motorbikes and persons stranded and stuck to assure traffic on all highways; organizing to clear the drainage system to prevent floods in residential areas, and so on.

This is the first major political event that the Vietnam Military Engineers Team organizes after nearly three months when the entire force and equipment has been deployed to the UNISFA Mission and this is also the anniversary of the first National Day of a military unit. Vietnamese People’s Army officer at UNISFA Mission, Abyei area.

As a result, several days before the competition, it was a lively and pervasive environment at all levels, in all departments, and in all areas of operation, from the permanent headquarters to the field.

The fierce attitude of the Vietnamese engineer soldiers, who have brought a strong spirit of the Vietnamese people to this area, was unaffected by the persistent heavy rain and high winds.

The mission commander and the locals were deeply and positively affected by the successful completion of the assigned tasks, which typically included ensuring traffic in the North Division during the rainy season, clearing the drainage system to help people fight floods, and ensuring that the rescue operations were successful and safe.

The sympathy of the locals for the team members is a testament to and reward for the efforts made by the Vietnam Military Engineers Team. Vietnamese engineering troops were always greeted with kind eyes, a smile that lit up their lips, and firm handshakes everywhere they went.

The blue beret soldiers from Vietnam have been given unique presents and wonderful encouragement in this place, including the phrases “Thank you Vietnam!” and “Love Vietnam!”

Ollie Le Nguyen