If visitors are traveling on a budget but would still like to experience the local culture of Hanoi, there are several affordable options available. According to author Farhana Subuhan, there are a few things that visitors can do or buy in Hanoi for under US$10 (equivalent to VND237,000).

A trip to Hanoi is not complete without trying a piping hot bowl of pho, a traditional Vietnamese noodle dish made from beef or chicken bones, garnished with cilantro. This dish typically costs no more than VND100,000.

The famous ca phe trung, also known as egg coffee, can be bought for VND55,000 and can be enjoyed hot or cold in small cups.

For art enthusiasts, the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum offers a chance to explore sculptures, traditional applied art, folk art, and various mediums of paintings such as lacquer, oil, silk, and paper. Admission to the museum is only VND40,000 per person.

The Temple of Literature is another must-visit attraction, symbolizing Vietnamese cultural heritage and the country’s commitment to education. With an entrance fee of just VND30,000, visitors can marvel at the 54,000 sqm architecture surrounded by an ancient brick wall and five courtyards.

For a fun activity, visitors can take a stroll along West Lake and rent a pedal boat for VND80,000. This is a great option for families or friends to enjoy some time together.