Vietnam Strengthens Ties with Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

The Vietnamese government has issued a stern statement condemning any use of chemical weapons regardless of circumstance or motive.


Vietnamese Ambassador to the Netherlands Ngo Huong Nam has recommended that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) support Vietnam in enhancing its capabilities through the agency’s training activities, according to VNA.

During a recent meeting with OPCW General Director Fernando Arias in The Hague, Nam urged the OPCW to provide Vietnam with chemical analysis equipment, new or used, for upgrading the Centre for Chemistry and Technology (Chemtech) in order to enhance the country’s laboratory capacity.

Vietnam Cooperates More with Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
Vietnamese Ambassador to the Netherlands Ngo Huong Nam presents his credentials to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Photo: VNA

The ambassador, who presented his credentials to the OPCW, also suggested that the organization consider hiring Vietnamese personnel to work at the OPCW and Chemtech. He affirmed his commitment to maintaining and further developing the relationship between the OPCW and Vietnam.

Nam emphasized the importance of 2023 for the OPCW, which includes a conference to review the organization’s operations over the past five years and the inauguration of Chemtech.

According to Nam, OPCW member states have successfully completed the destruction of declared chemical weapons, marking a significant milestone in the organization’s mission to prevent the production, storage, and use of such weapons.

Arias welcomed the appointment of Ambassador Ngo Huong Nam as Vietnam’s permanent representative to the OPCW and expressed confidence in Nam’s ability to fulfill his mission effectively. He also mentioned the possibility of providing chemical analysis equipment for laboratories in Vietnam.

As the implementing body for the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), the OPCW oversees global efforts to eliminate chemical weapons. Vietnam has been an active member of the OPCW and fully participates in its activities.

Over the past 26 years, the OPCW has facilitated the destruction of over 99% of declared chemical weapons. The organization has also established ChemTech, a technical center with modern laboratories, through contributions from member countries, the EU, and other organizations and individuals.

ChemTech not only serves as an OPCW laboratory but also enhances the organization’s technical capabilities in response to scientific and technological advancements. The center serves as a hub for collaboration between scientists, universities, research institutes, civil society, and industrial organizations, as well as a training center for countries to build capacity in implementing the CWC.

Hannah Nguyen