Vietnam Remains an Attractive Destination for International Visitors

The amount of foreign online searches for Vietnam is increasing and travel magazines continue to rank Vietnam among the most appealing places, demonstrating the country's tourism appeal despite the pandemic's challenges.


The pandemic has kept everyone at home for far too long. Now, a newly vaccinated world wishes to return the airports and foreign lands. With Covid-19 situation mostly controlled, Vietnam has the advantage of being one of the most desirable destination

Vietnam Remain as an Attractive Destination for International Visitors
Sapa has always been attractive to tourists who love to explore according to the Wanderlust travel magazine. Photo: Nhan Dan

The fastest-growing search volume in the world

According to data from Google’s Travel Analytics tool (Google Destination Insights), Vietnam is currently the country that receives the highest amount of attention in the search activities of tourists worldwide.

According to Google Destination Insights, the number of international tourists searching for airlines and tourist accommodations in Vietnam climbed by more than 75% from the beginning of December 2021 to the beginning of January 2022, the greatest rise in the world. With increases of 25 percent to 50 percent, Australia, Chile, Croatia, and New Zealand follow Vietnam.

Vietnam Remain as an Attractive Destination for International Visitors
Data from Google

The number of searches for aviation has increased significantly. The number of international searches for aviation to Vietnam has been rapidly increasing since the beginning of 2022.

The statistic shows that the search volume in the beginning of January 2022 was up by about 247% and, by the beginning of February 2022, it was up by 425 percent, and by mid-February 2022, it was up by 654 percent, all compare over the same period in 2021.

In addition, Google Destination Insights also shows that the highest number of searches for Vietnam tourism come from countries such as the US, Australia, Russia, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Canada, India, etc.

Vietnam Remain as an Attractive Destination for International Visitors
Ethnic minority traveling through the vast green mountain in Ha Giang. Photo: Pxhere

Continue to impress

At the seminar “Vietnamese aviation reopens international flights: new dynamics, new opportunities” taking place on the afternoon of February 24 in Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh, Martina Saitlova – Head of the Consular Department of the Czech Republic in Vietnam said that the Czech side expects a direct flight between Hanoi and Prague.

“Czech people love Southeast Asian countries very much and especially love Vietnam. If there is a direct flight between Hanoi and Prague, this will be a comfortable and time-saving experience, guests will be able to fly to many destinations and do not need to worry because they have to spend a few hours as before but save more flight time,” said Martina Saitlova.

Vietnam Remain as an Attractive Destination for International Visitors
The Mountain of Ha Giang. Photo: Ollie Le Nguyen

Although closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic for nearly two years, the image of Vietnam still leaves its mark on the international media. Most recently, the famous British travel magazine Wanderlust has just put Vietnam in the list of 20 most worth-visiting destinations in March.

This magazine assesses that the spring weather of March is the most ideal time to visit. Explore the mountainous regions of Northwest Vietnam. Stable temperature while low humidity, little rain will be favorable conditions for tourists to visit the villages around the area of Sapa or Mai Chau.

Vietnam Remain as an Attractive Destination for International Visitors
Họi An. Photo: Travel Destination

Previously, in February, the famous Canadian travel magazine The Travel voted Vietnam ranked 8th out of 10 most ideal destinations for young people who love to travel and work together. According to The Travel, although Vietnam is not the most developed country, it is an ideal environment for young people of the digital generation to come to experience and explore. Vietnam is a peaceful country, friendly people, mild weather, easy to help people balance between work and relaxation. Moreover, this is one of the Asian countries with quite developed technical infrastructure.

Vietnam Remain as an Attractive Destination for International Visitors
Ha Long Bay. Photo: Pxhere

It can be seen that, despite a long period of temporary closure due to the pandemic, Vietnam is still an attractive destination for international tourists. The growth in international search demand for Vietnam’s aviation and tourism shows the even greater potential of Vietnam’s tourism, which is a very positive signal before the Vietnamese tourism industry is about to open entirely, starting from March 15th.

Ollie Le Nguyen