Vietnam Ranks in the Top 10 Beauty Countries of 2023

Vietnam's standing in the 2023 Global Beauties (GB) beauty country ranking has been elevated thanks to the outstanding accomplishments of Le Hoang Phuong and Dang Thanh Ngan, two awe-inspiring beauties who captivated the judges with their incredible charm and elegance.


Global Beauties, a well-known beauty site, recently published its annual ranking of the top 10 countries in the world of beauty. The ranking is based on the performance of each country’s representatives in five major beauty pageants: Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Grand International, and Miss Supranational. According to Global Beauties, all competitions except Miss World have already taken place.

Vietnam Among Top 10 Global Beauty Country Of The Year 2023
Dang Thanh Ngan (4th runner-up Miss Supranational) and Nguyen Phuong Nhi (Top 15 Miss International) helped Vietnam achieve success in beauty contests. Photo: Vietnam Insider

Peru currently leads the rankings with a total of 4,875 points. This is due to their impressive victories in the Miss Grand International contest, as well as strong performances in other pageants such as Miss Supranational and Miss Universe. Close behind are Venezuela with 3,676 points, Colombia with 3,375 points, Nicaragua with 3,003 points, Thailand with 2,875 points, Ecuador with 2,753 points, Philippines with 2,626 points, Puerto Rico with 2,225 points, Vietnam with 1,976 points, and the Dominican Republic with 1,526 points.

Vietnam, ranked 9th on the list, has had an impressive year in terms of beauty pageant achievements. Le Hoang Phuong, Dang Thanh Ngan, and Nguyen Phuong Nhi have all achieved high rankings in various pageants. However, Bui Quynh Hoa did not win any prizes in Miss Universe.

Vietnam Among Top 10 Global Beauty Country Of The Year 2023
Le Hoang Phuong couldn’t help but burst into tears when she was named the 4th Runner-up of Miss Grand International 2023. Photo: MGI 2023

Miss World is the only contest that has not yet taken place this year and is scheduled to be held in March 2024. Beauty contestant Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong will represent Vietnam in the competition and will compete against approximately 100 other contestants from around the world. Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong expressed her determination to showcase Vietnam’s beauty and capabilities to the world and stated that she will do her best to not disappoint anyone.

Charlotte Pho