South Korea to Launch Vietnam Local Promotion Program 2023

From May 29th to 31st, representatives from the localities of Bac Lieu, Can Tho, Kon Tum and Thua Thien Hue took part in a promotional event in the Republic of Korea to promote their respective areas in 2023.

Vietnam Local Promotion Program 2023 in RoK
Localities work with Vietnamese Ambassador to RoK. Photo: WVR

To further strengthen the comprehensive strategic partnership between Vietnam and the Republic of Korea, the Department of Foreign Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) has organized the Vietnam local promotion program in the RoK for 2023. The program will take place in three cities – Seoul (May 29-30), Anyang (May 30), and Busan (May 31). This event offers a great opportunity for Vietnamese organizations and businesses to promote their products and services to the Korean market. Additionally, the program will also help strengthen the existing bilateral relations and foster closer ties between the two countries.

Attending the program were leaders of Bac Lieu, Can Tho, Kon Tum, and Thua Thien Hue provinces, as well as representatives from local departments, agencies, and businesses.

From May 29-30, the Vietnamese delegation held meetings with Nguyen Vu Tung, the Vietnamese Ambassador to the Republic of Korea (RoK), Tran Hai Linh, the head of the Vietnam-Korea Business and Investment Association (VKBIA), Yoo Ming-Bong, the Secretary General of the Governors Association of the RoK, and Kwak Sungil, the Director of the Korea National Center for APEC Studies, during their visit to Seoul.

The delegation attended the seminar “Connecting Vietnamese Localities with RoK Localities/Enterprises” and the Forum of Local Cooperation, Investment Promotion, and Trade Connection between Vietnam and the RoK 2023.

In Anyang, on May 30th, the Vietnamese delegation held a meeting with Choi Byeol Il, the head of Anyang City Council, Cho Kwang-hee, the director of Anyang Creative Industry Promotion Agency, Smart City Integration Center, and GS Power, a subsidiary of GS Group – one of the leading corporations in the Republic of Korea.

Vietnam Local Promotion Program 2023 in RoK
The delegation visited and worked with Choi Byeol Il, head of Anyang City Council. Photo: WVR

The parties agreed to strengthen the exchange of information, moving towards establishing a friendly relationship between Anyang and Vietnamese localities. They work closely to promote cooperation between Vietnamese and RoK localities.

On May 31, the Vietnamese delegation had a meeting with the Vice Mayor of Busan, South Korea, where they visited and worked at a number of economic establishments, seaports, and the High-Tech Agricultural Center of the city. During their stay, the delegates explored the potential of collaboration between the two countries in these areas. Furthermore, they discussed the possibility of making investments in Busan and the surrounding areas. This visit was seen as an important step in strengthening the economic ties between Vietnam and South Korea.

The Vice Mayor of Busan expressed his deep admiration for the beautiful, vibrant, youthful, and rapidly developing Vietnam, which has firmly integrated itself with the world.

He highly praised the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam for collaborating with relevant agencies to orchestrate the program to advertise Vietnamese localities in the RoK. It’s a valuable, practical, and significant program.

The Vice Mayor of Busan thanked the leaders of the four localities for their insightful information regarding the local situation and proposed potential areas of collaboration for the future.

Vietnam Local Promotion Program 2023 in RoK
Vietnamese delegation of localities greeted the Vice Mayor of Busan city. Photo: WVR

The Republic of Korea (RoK) has expressed its interest and determination to promote comprehensive and mutually beneficial cooperation with Vietnamese localities and businesses. The government, business community, and people of the RoK all share this commitment to furthering their strong relationship. With the aim of deepening the partnership, both sides are eager to collaborate on a range of initiatives that will bring mutual benefit.

The Far East nation has encouraged collaboration, particularly in areas where they possess strengths and Vietnam requires assistance, including agriculture, forestry, fisheries, agro-processing industry, trade, logistics, environment, and tourism. Thus, both countries can benefit from the exchange of knowledge and resources.

Vietnam Local Promotion Program 2023 in RoK
Meeting with the High-Tech Agricultural Center of Busan city. Photo: WVR

From June 1-3, the Vietnamese delegation visited and worked in Japan, meeting local leaders and leaders of economic organizations. They attended the seminar “Investment Promotion and Local Promotion in Vietnam” and the Vietnam Festival in Tokyo, which was held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan.

Rosie Nguyen