Vietnam Leadership Summit 2024: Assembling 100 Influential Vietnamese Leaders

The Vietnam Global Leaders Forum 2024 (VGLF 2024) is scheduled to be held in Paris from March 30-31. This highly anticipated event aims to bring together 100 distinguished individuals of Vietnamese and Vietnamese-origin who have made a significant impact on a global scale across various disciplines. Participants are expected to represent over 20 countries and territories worldwide.


The participants are winners of international prizes, entrepreneurs, large investors, experts, scientists, and artists.

The event, which is the second of its kind, will be held as a result of the initiative of the Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE Global). The goal is to gather resources and take practical actions for the development of the homeland.

Nguyen Duc Khuong, Chairman of AVSE Global, delivered the opening speech at the 2019 Influential Vietnamese Forum. Photo: TTXVN

AVSE President Nguyen Duc Khuong stated that the forum, with a multi-dimensional view, short- and long-term action plans, and detailed projects, will help unlock Vietnam’s potential and raise its position on the global economic and geopolitical map.

This year’s event will focus on connecting the diverse and strong resources of Vietnamese people worldwide to drive the country’s development and capitalize on previous successes to create breakthroughs for Vietnam, according to a representative of the association.

The first VGLF, held in 2019, attracted over 200 guests and 20 Vietnamese and international delegations.

AVSE Global, a non-profit organization based in Paris, consists of intellectuals, leading experts, and prestigious scientists.

Supported by 2,000 experts and a network of approximately 10,000 individuals, AVSE Global carries out strategic programs and projects to promote Vietnam’s sustainable development and prosperity. This is achieved through 12 networks of experts, 10 international seminars and forums, 20 training programs, and over 10 large-scale consulting projects in various fields.

The forum will focus on the journey titled “Vietnam Thriving in Change,” mobilizing Vietnamese leaders and global influencers to take on the role of “game changers” and shape the country’s future, according to VOV.

VGLF 2024 will concentrate on specific, timely stories while also expressing the country’s concerns in the global context. These perspectives will be gathered domestically and internationally.

The forum promises to be a significant event, creating positive impacts for those who desire to act for Vietnam, policymakers, the community, and domestic and international media.

Charlotte Pho