Vietnam in Top 20 World’s Best Places to Retire in 2022

According to International Living, Vietnam is appreciated for its quality life at an extremely reasonable cost. Vietnam's "Cost of Living" score is among the highest in the world in the 2022 Annual Global Retirement Index.

Vietnam in Top 20 World’s Best Places to Retire in 2022
Tourists watch the sunset in Phu Quoc. Photo:

International Living has just announced the 2022 Annual Global Retirement Index, in which Vietnam ranks 18th in the top 20 best places to retire in the world, with a score of 68.3.

The top three positions this year are mainly in Central America and the Caribbean, with Panama (86.1), Costa Rica (85.1) and Mexico (83.8).

According to the organization, Vietnam has friendly locals, beautiful scenery, a unique culture and a high-quality lifestyle at an amazingly low cost.

A foreign couple can live in a modern, fully furnished apartment in a good area, eat out regularly, enjoy lots of travel and more on a budget that rarely exceeds US$1,500 per month.

Entertainment services in Vietnam are rated by International Living as a “bargain” for foreigners: “Watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster in theaters for US$4, or visit a great museum for just US$2 or 3. Fitness clubs also have many promotions if you buy annually, averaging only about US$25/month.

Vietnam in Top 20 World’s Best Places to Retire in 2022

Wendy Justice, Southeast Asia correspondent at International Living, said: “I usually buy fruit, vegetables and meat at the local traditional market. Prices for these items will be slightly higher at major supermarkets, which are in every city in the country.”

Vietnamese cuisine is also rated as the freshest and healthiest in the world, which is also a strong tourist attraction.

“A bowl of famous Vietnamese pho or bread with meat, eggs, pate and vegetables costs an average of about US$1.50,” Wendy Justice said.

In December last year, Phu Quoc Island (Kien Giang, Vietnam) was also voted by International Living in the top 15 best islands in the world for retirement.

“Phu Quoc Island is a great place for retirees and adventurers. Parks and reserves make up most of the area, and more than 20 beaches are scattered throughout the island. Phu Quoc has everything needed for a resort paradise; with natural beauty from the mountains, jungle trails, coral reefs and beautiful beaches,” it said.

Rosie Nguyen