Vietnam Container Manufacturers Attract Attention of Top Shipping Companies

At Intermodal Europe, Hoa Phat Group, a leading steel manufacturer, demonstrated their wide-ranging products to the renowned European intermodal industry.


Many leading shipping companies are expected to participate in the 2023 Intermodal Europe event in Amsterdam, Netherlands. These companies have shown interest in containers produced by Hoa Phat Group, according to VNA.

Intermodal Europe is a global gathering of experts, leaders, and businesses in the shipping industry. It provides a platform for sharing new ideas, innovative solutions, and sustainable measures for the industry. The event also offers opportunities for networking and collaboration among enterprises from different regions.

World’s Leading Shipping Companies Take Interest in Made-by-Vietnam Containers
Hoa Phat representatives working with major shipping and container leasing companies. Source:

Vu Duc Sinh, director of Hoa Phat Container JSC, emphasized the significance of participating in Intermodal Europe 2023, a leading container shipping and intermodal transport event in Europe. This event marks a milestone for Hoa Phat’s entry into the international container market. The company, with its extensive experience in steel production and investments in cutting-edge equipment and technologies, is committed to providing containers that meet international standards and fulfill the needs of the marine transportation sector.

In August, Hoa Phat’s product sales reached over 4 million tonnes, representing a year-on-year decrease of 22%.

World’s Leading Shipping Companies Take Interest in Made-by-Vietnam Containers
This is the first time Hoa Phat introduced its products at Intermodal Europe from October 10-12. Source:

Tarun Somani, chief operating officer of Boxhub, a provider of global container services, expressed his admiration for Hoa Phat’s sturdy containers that meet special ISO standards. He believes that Hoa Phat possesses the advantages and production capabilities to offer services in the international market. A representative from Coin Container Inspiration praised Hoa Phat for its competitive prices and reputation, stating that it would be a valuable option for their company in the future.

This is the first time Hoa Phat has showcased its products at Intermodal Europe, which took place from October 10-12. The Intermodal event has been the most prominent business platform for professionals in the container, transport, and logistics industries for over four decades. The exhibition covers various topics, including container manufacturing, leasing, trade, freight handling equipment, cold chain management, insurance, and software services. Numerous major brands and over 140 leading global suppliers have the opportunity to explore the latest innovations in the industry.

Hannah Nguyen