Vietnam Becomes Most Popular Tourist Destination in Asia – Deutsche Welle

A recent report by Tommy Walker of Deutsche Welle (Germany) has highlighted the exceptional beauty of Vietnam's landscapes and its rich culture, touting it as one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the world.


Vietnam Emerging as Southeast Asia’s New Tourist Hotspot

By Fanasy Nguyen Le

According to a recent publication by the German press Deutsche Welle, Vietnam has quickly become one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia. Tourists visiting Vietnam are drawn to the country’s diverse landscapes, beautiful beaches, mountainous rice terraces, and vibrant cities.

The popularity of Vietnam is backed by statistics. A report by Google Destination Insights revealed that Vietnam was the seventh most searched destination from March to June, out of six months in 2023. Additionally, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism announced that the country had already welcomed over 5.5 million foreign visitors in the first six months of 2023, surpassing the total number of international arrivals in 2022.

Deutsche Welle: Vietnam Is Asia's Top Tourist Draws

Ha Long Bay is listed among the top 10 must-visit Asian destinations by The Travel

Experts predict that Vietnam’s tourism industry will experience further growth in the coming years. The country has set a target of attracting 8 million visitors for the remainder of 2023, but it is expected that the numbers will exceed this goal.

The increase in tourists is primarily driven by Chinese, Indian, and Korean visitors, according to Bobby Nguyen, chairman of tour agency Rustic Hospitality Group. He emphasized the importance of online communication channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Google for promoting Vietnam’s image to the world.

Deutsche Welle: Vietnam Is Asia's Top Tourist Draws

The use of social media and the influence of large travel groups have also helped boost Vietnam’s international popularity (Photo: Screenshot from Netflix’s A Tourist Guide to Love)

Another contributing factor to the tourism boom in Vietnam is the country’s improved visa policy. Hanoi recently approved a new visa policy that provides extended visa waivers and longer validity for electronic visas for selected countries.

Deutsche Welle: Vietnam Is Asia's Top Tourist Draws

Industry experts say Vietnam is becoming a favored destination for travelers to Asia (Photo: VOV)

Tourism analyst Gary Bowerman believes that these visa changes will further boost the tourism sector and expects an increase in travelers to Vietnam in the next six months, especially with the return of Chinese tourists.

While still considered a lesser-known destination in Asia, Vietnam presents both tourism and business opportunities due to its sense of discovery and mysticism. Investors, businesspeople, and travelers are increasingly drawn to Vietnam and its growing popularity.

The new visa policy and the prospect of more international arrivals have generated excitement among travel companies in Vietnam. Despite the impact of the pandemic, businesses like Fuse Hostels & Travel are already experiencing an uptick in international guests, with bookings returning to pre-pandemic levels.