Vietnam and World Bank Partner to Advance Sustainable Agriculture

Anna Wellenstein, East Asia and Pacific Regional Director for Sustainable Development at the World Bank, had a working session with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) in Vietnam. Leaders from both sides shared knowledge and explored further partnership possibilities in six key areas.


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The Mekong Delta Climate Resilience and Integrated Transformation Project (MERIT) is an essential initiative aimed at constructing water infrastructure for the Mekong Delta region. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) is committed to collaborating with the World Bank and local authorities to ensure effective inter-regional leadership for sustainable development.

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In collaboration with the World Bank, MARD is currently implementing the “Forest Sector Modernisation and Coastal Resilience Enhancement Project” to enhance coastal forest management, and the “Emission Reductions Payment Agreement (ERPA) for the North Central Region of Vietnam” which offers payments for forest protection and restoration initiatives. MARD’s achievements in emissions monitoring and reduction, as well as the commitment of the Vietnamese people to forest protection, have been highly acknowledged by the East Asia and Pacific Regional Director for Sustainable Development. An amount of $41.2 million will be disbursed to Vietnam, the largest sum granted by the EAP Carbon Fund, upon the release of the official Emission Reduction Verification Report.

MARD assures the establishment of adequate mechanisms and budget sources for the fair and transparent implementation of the Emission Reduction Program’s Benefit Sharing Plan.

Building on the success of VnSAT’s project, which won the World Bank’s East Asia Awards 2023, MARD expresses gratitude for the support received and demonstrates its willingness to foster dialogue between MARD and the World Bank to garner attention and support from ministries, sectors, businesses, and farmers for its new project to develop one million hectares of low-emission high-quality rice.

Concerning the Dam Safety Improvement and Repair Project and the Water Sector Cooperation (VWE) program’s forthcoming strategic partnership, Anna Wellenstein affirms MARD’s central role in the project and the implementation of the National Action Plan.

MARD expresses sincere appreciation for the support received from the World Bank, which has resulted in significant achievements. MARD is committed to working closely with the World Bank, ministries, branches, and localities to establish a cross-sectoral coordination mechanism for the effective implementation of Vietnam Politburo’s Conclusion No. 36-KL/TW on water security and dam and reservoir safety. Additionally, in response to climate change, the Department of Water Resources of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is developing a plan to combat El Nino, prevent natural disasters, and ensure water security, which will be submitted to the Government.

The World Bank is willing to support the Program and the development of public-private data-sharing policies and practices in addition to upgrading local infrastructure to assist farmers in improving their livelihoods and creating efficient value chains.

The World Bank expects that the effective establishment of three regional fisheries centers/dynamic ports under the Sustainable Fisheries Development Project will enhance the coastal economy and strengthen regional linkages. This project is a priority for the Government and the fisheries sector to lift the EC ‘yellow card’ and ensure stability and livelihoods for nearly 800,000 fishermen and over 4 million workers in the fishing industry.

Regarding the Project on Capacity Building for Disaster Response in Coastal Areas of Vietnam (WB10), WB delegates reiterate their commitment to supporting the program and hope that MARD will soon implement phase one of the project. MARD is currently preparing for this project and will promptly engage in discussions with the World Bank.

Minister Le Minh Hoan acknowledges the challenges of coordinating with central and local ministries and sectors in Vietnam while acknowledging the initial successes. MARD is determined to provide sufficient information and updates to the World Bank in future programs to ensure effective access and successful cooperation.