Vietnam and Romania Strengthen Ties of Friendship

In August, Hoang Trung Du, Vice President of the Central Vietnam - Romania Friendship Association, led an official delegation to Romania.


Many meaningful activities were carried out by the delegation during the recent Romania visit of the Vietnam – Romania Friendship Association.

The delegation visited and worked with the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Romania – Vietnam Friendship Association “Lotus” and a number of universities to share information, discuss plans and directions to promote people-to-people diplomacy, cultural exchanges, and business connections in both Vietnam and Romania to enhance mutual understanding, cultivate friendship, and develop diverse cooperation in various fields between the two peoples, especially the younger generation.

Vietnam - Romanian Friendship Continues to Thrive
The Vietnam – Romania Friendship Association delegation worked with the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On the occasion, the association also presented Certificates of Merit to Bucuresti University and Dunarea de Jos University. They posthumously awarded the Vietnam – Romania Friendship Medal to Prof., Dr. Marius Petrascu, former professor of Bucuresti University for his many contributions in training many generations of Vietnamese students in Romania.

In addition, the delegation visited the Vietnamese Embassy in Romania , met with the Vietnamese community and participated in the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnamese Association in Romania. Currently, about 3,500 Vietnamese are working in Romania, mainly in the construction sector.

Also on this occasion, groups of Vietnamese alumni in Romania also visited their universities, teachers, old friends and participated in a number of activities with the delegation.

Vietnam - Romanian Friendship Continues to Thrive
The Vietnam – Romania Friendship Association delegation presented the Romanian – Vietnam Friendship Association “Lotus” a painting.

The delegation’s visit and working visit to Romania contributed to tightening the association’s relationship with partners in Romania, creating a favorable basis for people-to-people diplomacy activities between the two sides to be expanded and actively implemented in the future.

In February, Mihai Condescu, Chairman of the Romanian – Vietnam Friendship Association “Lotus” also met Ho Quang Loi, President of the Vietnam – Romania Friendship Association during his visit to Hanoi.

Romania was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with Vietnam in 1950. In addition to providing aid in the fields of construction, oil and gas, and railway, Romania has trained more than 4,000 students and post-graduates for Vietnam, many of whom have become experts and managers with great contributions to the country’s development.

Bilateral trade was estimated to approximate USD 450 million in 2022, an annual increase of more than 15%. Vietnamese workers currently work in Romania in mechanical engineering, construction, welding, shipbuilding, tourism, hotel, and high-tech agriculture.

Hannah Nguyen