Vietnam and Bulgaria Enhance Collaboration in Training Human Resources and Technology Transfer

Rossen Dimitrov Jeliazkov, the Speaker of the National Assembly of Bulgaria, expresses his optimism for the students of Vietnam National University and the youth in general. He encourages them to embrace the global opportunities available to them as future politicians, managers, and scientists, contributing to the further growth of the bilateral relationship between Vietnam and Bulgaria.

Speaker of the National Assembly of Bulgaria Rossen Dimitrov Jeliazkov with lecturers and students of Vietnam National University. Photo: VNA

During his official visit to Vietnam, Speaker Rossen Dimitrov Jeliazkov of the Bulgarian National Assembly visited Vietnam National University in Hanoi on the morning of January 9.

Speaking on the topic of “Bilateral Relations between Bulgaria and Vietnam through the Lens of Economic and Cultural Generations,” Speaker Rossen Dimitrov Jeliazkov emphasized that the generations of students from both countries play a crucial role in strengthening the longstanding relationship between Vietnam and Bulgaria.

In addition to their focus on economic development, the two countries also place great importance on cultural development, drawing on their historical similarities. Bulgaria aims to foster cultural and literary traditions through teacher exchange programs. These foundations are vital for building a sustainable partnership between the two nations.

Bulgaria provided educational support to thousands of Vietnamese students during the post-war reconstruction period, with over 35,000 Vietnamese citizens studying and working in Bulgaria. Vietnamese students studying in Bulgaria serve as a vital bridge bringing the two countries closer together.

Bulgaria was among the first nations worldwide to recognize Vietnam’s independence. In 2025, the two countries will celebrate the 75th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations.

The Speaker of the Bulgarian National Assembly emphasized that Bulgaria and Vietnam are important factors in ensuring regional stability, maintaining constructive relations with neighboring countries, and engaging in various forms of regional cooperation.

In recent years, Vietnam has achieved remarkable and sustained economic growth within the dynamic development landscape of Southeast Asia.

Bulgaria continues to strongly support the development of relations between the EU and priority partners, including Vietnam. This support is founded on longstanding friendship, trust, the benefits derived from Bulgaria’s EU membership, Vietnam’s ASEAN membership, and Vietnam’s increasing role in Southeast Asia.

The signing of free trade and investment protection agreements between the EU and Vietnam has created new opportunities for the two countries. These agreements establish ambitious trade goals based on a shared commitment to trade liberalization, openness, fairness, and rule-based integration.

Speaker Rossen Dimitrov Jeliazkov highlighted the historical struggles for independence and national unification undertaken by the peoples of Bulgaria and Vietnam during the 20th century. These struggles laid the foundation for the two countries’ pursuit of important national goals. Today, the younger generations of both nations bear the immense responsibility of building a better world.

Speaker of the National Assembly of Bulgaria visiting the traditional room of Vietnam National University. Photo: VNA

Bulgaria and Vietnam share common goals in the energy sector. Bulgaria is prioritizing the development of a hydrogen economy, leveraging its scientific and technical expertise.

Bulgaria also welcomes Vietnam’s participation in the Just Energy Transition Partnership, aimed at achieving ambitious climate change goals.

Speaker Rossen Jeliazkov views every meeting with students as an exciting journey into the realm of memories and dreams. He believes that education, knowledge, and innovation will be the central themes of future interactions between Bulgarian and Vietnamese youth.

These interactions will lay the foundation for new, beautiful friendships that will further strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

Rosie Nguyen