Top ten destinations voted by tourists include: Serbia, Colombia, Germany, Republic of Estonia, Sri Lanka, Iceland, Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.

Digital nomads are people who work as they travel. These people work online, hence they can live in different countries, as long as they have access to electricity, the internet, and other amenities. Being a digital nomad is interesting, as one can accomplish their travel needs and at the same time earn a living.

The advantage of being a digital nomad is the discovery of new places all the time. However, some things affect the life of a digital nomad. One of them and a challenge to many, is choosing which country to go to.

When one chooses a good country, it affects things such as peace, cost of living, people, technology, living conditions, entertainment, and other crucial things for the life of a digital nomad.

According to The Travel, although Vietnam is not a developed country, it still provides an excellent environment for digital nomads.

The country is peaceful and very welcoming for foreigners, it has a low crime rate, good weather, and an easy balance of work life and fun. Vietnam is also a country that has many untouched natural features, making it very attractive and calm.

"The country is fast-growing, with good infrastructure development. It also has a very affordable lifestyle, making it ideal for a digital nomad. Food and adventure are some things a digital nomad will enjoy in this country.", The Travel wrote.

In recent years, the Government has begun to promote digital transformation in the tourism industry, to create more favourable conditions for international tourists to come to Vietnam. Reasonable cost of living is also one of the factors, that make Vietnam an ideal destination for digital nomads.