UN and India Launch Global Capacity Building Initiative

At the India-UN summit in New York on September 23, an initiative was unveiled.


India and the United Nations (UN) have launched a joint capacity-building initiative for the Global South in New York. The initiative aims to share India’s development experiences, best practices, and expertise with partner countries in the Global South through capacity building and training programs.

India and UN launch a Global Capacity Building Initiative
As part of this initiative, the UN India team and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will partner to leverage India’s Technical and Economic Cooperation platform to share India’s development experiences and best practices across the world. (Photo: Opindia.com)

The initiative was announced at an event titled “India-UN for the Global South-Delivering for Development” in New York on September 23, 2023, in the presence of India’s External Affairs Minister, Dr. S Jaishankar. The event also saw the participation of President of the 78th UN General Assembly, Dennis Francis.

This initiative will significantly contribute to global efforts in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It reflects India’s ongoing commitment to strengthening its development partnership with the Global South and promoting South-South Cooperation.

In addition to the existing bilateral cooperation in development and capacity building, this initiative complements the India-UN partnership through the “India-UN Development Partnership Fund,” which has already implemented 75 development projects in 61 countries since 2017.

This initiative builds upon the success of India’s G20 Presidency, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The G20 Summit 2023 emphasized the inclusion of the Global South’s voice and the African Union’s entry into the grouping. It also operationalizes the development-related goals of India’s G20 Presidency, including the G20 Action Plan for Accelerating Progress on the SDGs and technological transformation.