Truong Sa Islands Hosts Tree Planting Festival

Truong Sa Island District actively took part in a tree planting festival, resulting in an abundance of vibrant trees that enhance the beauty of the Vietnamese islands.


The tradition of the tree planting festival in Vietnam, which was initiated by President Ho Chi Minh more than 60 years ago, has been instrumental in promoting afforestation, forest protection, and national development.

In accordance with the “Forever Grateful to Uncle Ho” tree planting festival and the “Greening Truong Sa” program, officers, soldiers, and residents of the islands in Truong Sa island district, Khanh Hoa province, participated in a tree planting campaign on February 14th, the fifth day of the Lunar New Year.

Officers, soldiers, and individuals on Song Tu Tay Island join the effort to build a green, clean, and beautiful Truong Sa island district. Photo: VNA

Following the launching ceremony, officers, soldiers, and individuals planted over 3,000 trees on the islands, including more than 1,000 new trees of different species, and cared for and pruned over 2,000 existing trees.

The Navy Region 4 Command stated that officers and soldiers in the Truong Sa island district have consistently and actively participated in the movement to plant, care for, and protect trees in recent years.

To successfully carry out this year’s tree planting festival, the islands have developed plans and assigned specific tasks to each unit. They have also prepared various plants, fertilizers, and tools. The commanders at all levels have reminded their units of Uncle Ho’s teachings, “Spring is the time for planting trees, making the country expand day by day.”

Officers, soldiers, and people of Da Tay Island respond to the “Tet Tree Planting” campaign. Photo: VNA

On the same morning, in Vung Tau city, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, the Navy Region 2 Command and various agencies and units at Long Son base also launched a tree planting festival.

In the future, the Naval Region 2 Command and its affiliated units will continue to plant over 3,000 new trees and create green, clean, and beautiful environmental landscapes and barracks.

On November 28, 1959, President Ho Chi Minh emphasized the importance of tree planting for individuals, families, and the entire nation in an article in the Nhan dan (People) newspaper.

Since the first tree planting festival in the spring of 1960, authorities and sectors at all levels, along with people nationwide, have come together to plant trees every new year in accordance with the late leader’s teachings.

Hannah Nguyen