Traveling throughout flower seasons in Vietnam’s northwest

In the middle of cold winter weather, all parts of the Northwest land are painted by the vibrant mountainous flowers: the faint pink of peach blossoms; the brilliant yellow of wild sunflowers; the pristine white of plum; the fading purple of buckwheat.


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Photo: Viettravel

Moc Chau’s peach blossoms

As the early winter chilly winds blow all over the region, Moc Chau’s peach blossoms add a warm shade of pink to the mountainous picture here. Moc Chau cherry blossoms belong to a French origin, which usually gets in full bloom around late autumn and early winter.

Riding along the northeastern road, from Moc Chau, Son La to Lai Chau, Dien Bien, then turn to Sa Pa, Lao Cai … visitors may find the cherry blossoms dominate everywhere. Moc Chau’s peach blossoms though also have a faint pink color just like those in the delta. However, their trees own an old mossy look, giving the flowers a strong and vibrant vibe. Moc Chau cherry blossom represents the gentleness and sincerity of the local people, the rustic, pristine of the mountainous area, which captures the hearts of visitors who have ever come to Moc Chau in the season of peach.

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Photo: Vietnam Tourism

Highland wild sunflowers

Mexican sunflower grows wildly in many mountainous areas, blooming around October to November. However, it is highly recommended that visitors come to enjoy the wild sunflower fields in December when the brilliant yellow color of the flowers is covered with a thin layer of fog, giving the northeast areas s vibrant yet subtle scene.

In the North of Vietnam, Moc Chau (Son La), Ba Vi (Hanoi) are famous for their stretches of yellow wild sunflowers. The brilliantly golden color of the flowers on both sides of the road creates an interesting experience for those who choose this path for a trip. The beginning of December is also the time when villages and communes hold the wild sunflowers festival with numerous exciting activities.

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Photo: Moc Chau Tourism

White choy flowers

Late autumn and early winter are the time when the white choy flowers bloom all over the northwest. Along National Highway 6, white choy fields are planted on both sides of the road. Recently, many visitors come to those fields to take check-in photos.

Especially, in Moc Chau, when going deep into Pa Phach village, Ang village, Toad village, Dong Sang commune, Van Ho, Nong town, visitors will found vast white choy fields, surrounded by rustic houses, creating such a wild yet stunning that that can hardly be found in other localities.

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Photo: Vietnammoi

Buckwheat flowers

Every year, buckwheat flower season comes in the occasion of October to November on Ha Giang rocky plateau. Buckwheat flower’s purple shade contributes to the beauty of this area, creating a fest for visitors’ eyes.

Especially, when traveling to Ha Giang in November, visitors will be immersed in unique local festivals, the most special of which is Ha Giang’s buckwheat flower festival held every year to honor the beauty of the flowers. Buckwheat flowers represent the rocky plateau and the hospitality of the people here. Only by coming to Ha Giang, visitors can fully admire the beauty of the blooming flowers around the mountainside, holding a pristine beauty in the midst of the North West.

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Photo: Bao Du Lich

White plum blossoms

White plum blossoms are considered the typical beauty of Moc Chau that can hardly found elsewhere. Moc Chau plum blossom season usually comes in the first days of the new year, a white before the Lunar New Year. At this time, the pristine white plum blossoms will spread immensely and endlessly between the hills, reaching to the green meadows of Moc Chau.

Plum blossoms bloom everywhere in Phieng Canh, Pa Phach, and Loong Luong villages. This kind of flower is associated with the early life of the Moc Chau local people. Many people fall in love with the scenery of high blue sky, cool air, and plum gardens with full white flowers in small villages on rocky slopes of this mountainous province.

The plum blossoms bloom very quickly, just about 2-3 weeks, and then fades so that the lovely young plums appear. In spring, visitors from all over the country travel to Moc Chau not only to feel the coldness of the highlands but also to admire the beauty of white plum blossoms.