Tourism in Vietnam Skyrockets as Asia’s Latest Hotspot

Visiting Vietnam has become increasingly popular among tourists in Asia this year as it becomes a major hotspot for visitors, with potential for broader economic and trade cooperation between Vietnam and Austria as the UK looks to recognise it as a market economy. In 2022, Filipinos have been identified as the biggest spenders in Vietnam.


Vietnam News Today – Notable Headlines (July 25th)

Vietnam emerges as new Asian tourism hotspot

Vietnam and Austria have great potential for expanding their economic and trade co-operation. By unlocking this potential, both countries can benefit from increased business opportunities and enhanced bilateral relations.

In recent years, Vietnam has experienced rapid economic growth and has emerged as a key player in Southeast Asia. It has a strong manufacturing sector, competitive workforce, and a strategic location that makes it an attractive destination for foreign investment. Austria, on the other hand, is known for its advanced technology, high-quality products, and expertise in various sectors such as machinery, renewable energy, and healthcare.

There are significant opportunities for collaboration in areas such as trade, investment, tourism, and education. Both countries can leverage their strengths and complement each other’s capabilities to create a win-win situation. Increasing trade volumes, establishing joint ventures, and facilitating business partnerships can contribute to economic growth and job creation in both countries.

In addition to economic benefits, closer ties between Vietnam and Austria can also foster cultural exchange and people-to-people connections. This can lead to a better understanding and appreciation of each other’s traditions, customs, and values.

To unlock the full potential of Vietnam-Austria economic and trade co-operation, it is important for both governments to create a favorable business environment, promote trade facilitation measures, and provide support and incentives for businesses interested in expanding their presence in each other’s markets. Moreover, regular exchange visits, trade fairs, and business forums can serve as platforms for networking, sharing knowledge, and exploring partnership opportunities.

Overall, by unlocking the potential for broader economic and trade co-operation between Vietnam and Austria, both countries can benefit from increased bilateral trade, enhanced investment flows, and strengthened relations. This collaboration has the potential to create sustainable economic growth and prosperity for both nations.

The United Kingdom has announced its intention to recognise Vietnam as a market economy. This move is significant as it will strengthen economic ties between the two countries and potentially lead to increased trade and investment opportunities.

With this recognition, Vietnam can expect improved access to the UK market, reduced trade barriers, and increased confidence from UK businesses to invest in Vietnam. It reflects the growth and development of Vietnam’s economy and its commitment to free market principles.

The UK’s decision comes as Vietnam continues to make significant progress in its economic reforms and opens up its markets to foreign investors. It also acknowledges Vietnam’s positive track record in areas such as trade liberalisation, intellectual property protection, and labour standards.

This announcement is a positive development for both countries and is expected to further boost bilateral trade and investment. It highlights the UK’s commitment to strengthening its economic partnerships in the Asia-Pacific region and recognises Vietnam as a key player in the global economy.

Filipino Tourists – Top Spenders in Vietnam 2022

Filipino Tourists: Biggest Spenders in Vietnam in 2022

In 2022, Filipino tourists have emerged as the biggest spenders in Vietnam. This comes as no surprise considering the growing popularity of Vietnam as a tourist destination for Filipino travelers. Vietnamese businesses and the tourism industry are capitalizing on this trend, offering a wide range of products and services catered towards Filipino tourists.

The spending power of Filipino tourists in Vietnam has contributed significantly to the country’s economy. Their expenditures encompass various sectors, including accommodation, transportation, shopping, dining, and entertainment. As a result, businesses in Vietnam are focusing on providing excellent customer service and creating tailored experiences to attract and cater to the needs and preferences of Filipino visitors.

With its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cities, Vietnam has become a favorite destination for many Filipino tourists. In addition to its natural beauty, the affordability and diversity of experiences in Vietnam make it an attractive option for Filipino travelers looking for memorable vacations.

The Vietnamese government and tourism organizations are also actively promoting Vietnam as a top choice for Filipino tourists. Collaborative efforts and marketing campaigns have been launched to highlight the unique attractions, hospitality, and value for money that Vietnam has to offer.

Overall, the increasing number of Filipino tourists and their significant spending power in Vietnam are transforming the tourism industry and economy of both countries. As this trend continues to grow, it presents multiple opportunities for collaboration and further development of the tourism sector between Vietnam and the Philippines.

At the summer festival in Germany, the rich and vibrant culture of Vietnam will be showcased and celebrated. From traditional music and dance performances to delicious culinary offerings, attendees will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty and diversity of Vietnamese culture. Additionally, there will be workshops and demonstrations where visitors can participate in traditional activities and learn about the customs and traditions of Vietnam. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience the wonders of Vietnam at the summer festival in Germany.

Meeting with Vietnamese Ambassadors in Europe

Meeting with Vietnamese Ambassadors in Europe

President Vo Van Thuong held a meeting with Vietnamese Ambassadors serving in Europe on the 15th of September.

  • The purpose of the meeting was to discuss current issues and challenges faced by the Vietnamese community and businesses in Europe.
  • The Ambassadors were given the opportunity to provide updates on their diplomatic work and share their experiences in promoting Vietnam’s interests in Europe.
  • President Vo Van Thuong emphasized the importance of strengthening diplomatic relations and cooperation between Vietnam and European countries.

The meeting concluded with President Vo Van Thuong expressing his gratitude for the Ambassadors’ dedication and commitment to representing Vietnam abroad.

Vietnam Wins Gold Medal at Asian Karate Championships

Vietnam Wins Gold Medal at Asian Karate Championships

Vietnam has emerged victorious at the Asian Karate Championships, bringing home the gold medal in the prestigious event.

The Vietnamese karate team showcased their exceptional skills and talent, overcoming tough competition from various Asian countries.

This achievement is a testament to Vietnam’s dedication and commitment to excellence in the field of karate.

It is an honor for Vietnam to stand atop the podium, representing their country and making their mark in the world of karate.

Their historic win at the Asian Karate Championships serves as an inspiration for aspiring karateka in Vietnam and around the globe.

Congratulations to the Vietnamese karate team for their outstanding performance and for bringing pride and glory to their nation!

The President of Vietnam warmly welcomed the leader of the Austria-Vietnam Friendship Association at a meeting held in Vietnam. The meeting was a significant event that emphasized the strong and friendly ties between the two nations. The President expressed gratitude for the Association’s efforts in strengthening the relationship between Austria and Vietnam. Both parties discussed various avenues for cooperation and expressed their commitment to further enhancing bilateral relations.

The music festival featured impressive performances by both American and Vietnamese singers, leaving fans in awe.

Photo: VOV
Photo: VOV

Vietnam Becomes a Popular Tourist Destination in Asia

Travel Off Path, an esteemed US website specializing in tourism, has recently featured an article showcasing the nation’s exceptional natural beauty, expansive coastline spanning an impressive 3,260km, and vibrant cities.

According to recent reports, when considering a trip to Southeast Asia, Thailand is often at the top of travelers’ lists. However, for those seeking a more off-the-beaten-path experience, Vietnam is increasingly being recognized as a burgeoning tourism destination in the region worth exploring.

According to data from a Google Destination Insights report, Vietnam emerged as the seventh most searched destination globally between March and June. It is noteworthy that Vietnam was the sole country from Southeast Asia to secure a spot in the top 20 list.

The website also highlights three compelling reasons that make Vietnam an attractive destination for foreign tourists.

Revised Immigration Regulations for International Students

Starting from August 15th, citizens of several countries will find it easier than ever to visit Vietnam. The Vietnamese Government has recently announced an extension of visa-free access to the country, increasing the duration from 15 days to 45 days for passport holders from Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. This change aims to facilitate travel and strengthen the tourism industry between Vietnam and these nations.

The duration of e-visas for entry into the country has been extended from 30 days to three months.

Currently, there are 80 additional countries, including the United States, that are eligible to enter the country using an e-visa. Starting from August 15th, an e-visa will grant multiple entries into the nation, as opposed to the current system where each e-visa is valid for a single entry.

The hotel offers a flexible travel experience for guests, allowing them to freely come and go as they please. They can conveniently travel to and from the country as part of a broader Asian tour.

Applying for a visa to enter Vietnam is a convenient, straightforward, and affordable process for individuals who are required to obtain one.

Preserving Natural Beauty: A Look at the Benefits

Because Vietnam is an emerging tourist destination and doesn’t yet have the same huge footfall that many other Southeast Asian countries enjoy, much of its natural beauty spots remains incredibly well preserved.

Vietnam offers a diverse range of natural beauty spots that are truly exceptional.

For those interested in exploring the north, there is a stunning mountainous region waiting to be discovered.

In central and southern Vietnam, visitors can delight in the breathtakingly beautiful beaches that dot the coastline.

The countryside of Vietnam is known for its lush green landscapes, providing a picturesque setting for travelers. Additionally, the Government of Vietnam has successfully and aesthetically preserved their cultural heritage sites, showcasing the rich history and traditions of the country.

Vietnam’s cities are also enticing tourists with their own unique offerings. From the enchanting old-world ambiance of Hanoi to the lesser-known gem of Ha Long, the country is quickly emerging as a top tourist destination in Asia. These cities captivate visitors with a plethora of attractions and an abundance of hidden treasures, making Vietnam a must-visit hotspot.

When planning a trip to Vietnam, it is important to consider your budget. For travelers who are on a tight budget, Vietnam is a popular destination that offers affordability. In fact, Southeast Asia as a whole is known for being a cost-effective option, with both Thailand and Vietnam being particularly budget-friendly choices.

Vietnam is commonly recognized as an exceptional budget destination within the region. The nation offers more cost-effective options for accommodation, food, and transportation compared to Thailand, particularly in rural areas of Vietnam.

The tourism industry is experiencing significant growth due to increasing interest in travel and exploration. With more people seeking unique and memorable experiences, the demand for tourism services is constantly growing. This presents great opportunities for businesses operating in this sector, as they can tap into this expanding market and cater to the diverse needs and preferences of travelers.

The key to success in the tourism industry lies in understanding the desires and expectations of tourists. This requires businesses to offer a wide range of services and experiences, including accommodation, transportation, and attractions. By providing high-quality and personalized solutions, they can attract and retain customers, ultimately driving their growth and success.

In order to capitalize on this growth, businesses in the tourism industry must also keep up with the latest trends and advancements. This includes leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience, such as offering online booking platforms and mobile applications. Additionally, businesses can also focus on sustainable practices to appeal to the growing number of environmentally conscious travelers.

With the right strategies and approaches, businesses in the tourism industry can thrive in this era of growth and make a significant impact on the global travel landscape. By continuously adapting and innovating, they can stay ahead of the competition and provide unparalleled experiences to tourists from all around the world.

Vietnamese Government Aims to Boost Tourism

In an effort to stimulate tourism and attract more visitors, the Vietnamese Government has made it a priority to encourage tourists to visit the country and increase their tourism numbers for this year.

The initial goal was to attract a total of eight million visitors for the remainder of the year. However, current predictions indicate that this number is expected to increase to 10 million by the year’s end.

In addition, travel decisions are significantly impacted by social media trends, particularly with Vietnam gaining immense popularity on major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

The number of hostels in the largest cities of the country is experiencing significant growth. According to a spokesperson from Fuse Hostels and Travel, there has been a notable increase in the number of international guests opting to stay in hostels over the past three months.

The Vietnamese Government is prioritizing the transformation of the country into Asia’s premier tourist destination. This strategic approach has yielded impressive results thus far, with their plan effectively taking shape. Consequently, now presents an opportune moment to embark on a captivating journey through this remarkable and enchanting nation.

Exploring Opportunities for Expanded Vietnam-Austria Economic and Trade Relations

Vietnam and Austria offer significant opportunities for enhanced collaboration in areas where Austria excels and Vietnam has demand, including high technology, energy, and e-commerce.

The Central European country has consistently been ranked among the top 10 trading partners of the nation within the European Union. In 2021, trade exchange between the two countries amounted to a total of US$3.36 billion. However, this figure saw a slight decline, amounting to US$2.8 billion, as a result of various political and economic impacts that were felt both in Europe and globally.

Austria’s investment in the Vietnamese market remains relatively modest. The country currently holds the 41st position out of 108 countries and territories in terms of investments, with 43 valid projects and a total registered capital of US$148.59 million.

The two sides also have great potential for cooperation in the fields of digital economy and green economy.

Based on the information provided by the Austrian Ambassador to Vietnam, Hans-Peter Glanzer, Austria is prepared to offer comprehensive assistance to Vietnam in various sectors. This includes bolstering industrial production capabilities, promoting the green economy through renewable energy initiatives, and aiding in the development of public infrastructure, particularly within the healthcare sector.

According to Vietnamese Ambassador to Austria Nguyen Trung Kien, the trade turnover between Vietnam and Austria is currently robust. Vietnam aims to enhance agricultural exports and import advanced Austrian technologies to foster the growth of its domestic manufacturing industries, thus improving its position in the global supply chain.

According to VOV, the Austrian Ministry of Economy and Labor will soon present a resolution to the Austrian Government, in order to ratify the EU-Vietnam Investment Protection Agreement (EVIPA) in the near future.

Agricultural products are one of the items that Vietnam wants to export to Austria.
Agricultural products are one of the items that Vietnam wants to export to Austria.

Ambassador Kien expressed optimism that the agreement will be adopted by all EU member state parliaments, enhancing bilateral investment conditions and further capitalizing on the positive effects of the EVFTA.

“The EVFTA enables the country to view Europe as a unified market. To formulate a comprehensive export strategy for agricultural products, particularly fruits, including both processed and fresh varieties, studying Austria’s preferences, legal framework, and distribution networks is crucial,” emphasized the Vietnamese diplomat.

Austria is recognized as a meticulous and innovative market, offering excellent opportunities for partnerships and strategies in the agricultural sector.

Moreover, Austria is recognized as a global leader in environmental protection and circular economy. The country’s achievements in these areas present valuable lessons and opportunities for learning and collaboration, as emphasized by the Ambassador.

Vietnam to be Recognised by UK as Market Economy

According to the Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam, the UK is poised to acknowledge that Vietnam’s industries are functioning within a market economy. Furthermore, the UK will avoid imposing any detrimental regulations in the event that these industries are subject to trade defence measures.

According to the agency, the United Kingdom will confirm its recognition following its participation in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

According to VNA’s report, Vietnam has been officially acknowledged as a market economy by 71 countries and territories, which includes numerous significant trade partners.

Illustrative image (Photo: VNA)
Illustrative image (Photo: VNA)

According to the statement, once Vietnam is acknowledged as a market economy, its goods will receive fairer treatment and exporters will enjoy increased access to additional markets.

On July 16, the United Kingdom became the twelfth nation to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

In 2020, the bilateral trade between Vietnam and the United Kingdom reached a total value of 6.84 billion USD. Out of this amount, Vietnam’s exports to the UK amounted to 6.07 billion USD, reflecting a 5.2% increase compared to the previous year. As a result, the trade surplus for Vietnam exceeded 5.3 billion USD, surpassing the 4.8 billion USD surplus from the previous year.

Vietnam Sees High Spending from Filipino Tourists in 2022

The General Statistics Office (GSO) has recently released the Statistical Yearbook 2022, which reveals a slight increase in the average spending of foreign travelers in Vietnam.

In March 15, 2022, Vietnam embarked on the reopening of its tourism market, providing an encouraging environment for the return of tourists. Throughout the year, the country welcomed approximately 3.7 million foreign visitors, which reflects a remarkable 23.3-fold increase compared to the previous year. Nevertheless, this number accounts for only 20 percent of the tourism volume witnessed in 2019, prior to the onset of the global pandemic.

According to recent data, Filipino tourists have been identified as the highest spenders in Vietnam. Their average expenditure increased significantly from $1,124 in 2017 to $2,257 in 2019.

The following countries had the highest average expenditure by travelers: Belgium, with a total expenditure of $1,995; the United States, with a total expenditure of $1,709; Australia, with a total expenditure of $1,416; Denmark, with a total expenditure of $1,383; Norway, with a total expenditure of $1,346; the Netherlands, with a total expenditure of $1,317; Canada, with a total expenditure of $1,315; the United Kingdom, with a total expenditure of $1,212; and Germany, with a total expenditure of $1,283.

According to the Statistical Yearbook 2022, the travelers who spent the least amount of money in Vietnam were from Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, and South Korea. Laos travelers spent an average of $343.5 per person, followed by Cambodia at $734.9, Indonesia at $804.9, and South Korea at $838.4, as reported by VNN.

Photo: VNN
Photo: VNN

According to the latest data from GSO, the average expenditure per traveler to Vietnam has witnessed a slight rise, from $1,141 in 2017 to $1,151 in 2019.

According to the data, hotel rooms represented the largest share of expenses, totaling over 30 percent or $347. This amount was slightly lower than the previous year’s figure of $360, which accounted for 31.6 percent of the total expenses.

One of the largest expenses incurred was for meals and beverages, amounting to 21.9 percent ($251) of the total expenditure. This was closely followed by travel expenses comprising 16 percent ($184), fees for excursions at 9 percent ($103), and shopping costs at 12.4 percent ($142).

Vietnam has set a target to attract 8 million international tourists and generate VND650 trillion in revenue from the tourism sector by 2023. The country has already made significant progress towards this goal, with 5.6 million visitors arriving in the first half of the year, accounting for 70 percent of the target. Amongst the top markets, South Korea emerged as the largest with 1.6 million tourists, while the Chinese market experienced a strong recovery of 22.4 percent following the resumption of tours to Vietnam from March 15, 2023.

Introducing Vietnam’s Culture at Germany’s Summer Festival

Huong Viet, an online magazine focused on Vietnamese people in Germany, collaborated with the local Vietnamese community to showcase the rich culture of Vietnam to both German and international attendees at the Sommerfest summer festival in the state of Bayern on July 22nd.

The annual festival held in the city of Augsburg showcased an impressive array of nearly 40 booths representing multiple countries.

The Vietnam booth highlighted a diverse selection of cultural products and culinary delights that are uniquely representative of the country.

In addition, Augsburg city has organized a cultural event featuring performances from select countries, with a designated central stage. Notably, Vietnam is the sole Asian nation to receive an invitation for this year’s performances.

According to VNA, the country’s culture was widely promoted among international visitors through captivating performances of traditional songs and dances.

A traditional dance of Vietnam performed at Sommerfest in Augsburg city on July 22 (Photo: VNA)
A traditional dance of Vietnam performed at Sommerfest in Augsburg city on July 22 (Photo: VNA)

The Mayor of Augsburg city, Martina Wild, expressed her admiration for the exquisite cuisine and captivating imagery of Vietnam showcased during the festival. She conveyed her satisfaction with Vietnam’s active involvement and notable contribution to the multicultural event.

According to Pham Khanh Nam, the Editor-in-chief of Huong Viet magazine, the red T-shirts adorned with five-pointed yellow stars, representing the Vietnamese flag, along with the map of Vietnam worn by Vietnamese individuals, served as a powerful symbol of the nation’s commitment to peace and its unwavering sovereignty over Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) islands.

Huong Viet Magazine, founded in 2009, serves as a valuable resource for the Vietnamese community, both in Germany and abroad. This esteemed publication is dedicated to sharing up-to-date information about the Vietnamese community, as well as providing insights into the homeland and its connection to Germany. Moreover, Huong Viet Magazine acts as a vital bridge, fostering a strong connection between the community and the motherland. This is accomplished through the hosting of numerous events that aim to promote Vietnamese culture and traditions, while also highlighting and reinforcing the nation’s maritime sovereignty.

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