Touching Free Bus Service Revives Hanoi’s Workforce

In order to execute the scheme for organizing the "Trade Union's Tet Journey - Spring 2024," on the morning of February 14th (the 5th day of Tet), the Labor Confederations of Hanoi, Nghe An, and Thanh Hoa collaborated to facilitate the return of approximately 300 workers from Nghe An and Thanh Hoa provinces to Hanoi for work.


Nghe An: “I feel peace of mind thanks to the Union’s bus”

On February 14, at exactly 5 a.m., the Hanoi Confederation of Labor and the Nghe An Confederation of Labor collaborated to bring workers back to Hanoi from the Nghe An Labor Cultural House (Vinh City, Nghe An Province) after the Tet holiday.

The convoy consisted of 45 workers from industrial and export processing zones in Hanoi. Union officials gave the workers lucky money and conveyed greetings and New Year wishes. Prior to Tet, the workers had been taken to their hometowns for the holiday on a free bus provided by the Hanoi Confederation of Labor.

Nghe An workers rejoiced on the Union’s bus that brought them back to Hanoi on the 5th day of Tet (Photo: L.D).

This is the first time Tran Thi Minh, a worker at Toshiba Vietnam Company who is from Nam Dan, Nghe An, has taken the free bus to Hanoi after Tet, provided by the Vietnam Trade Union. Touched by the opportunity, she said: “I am happy to be taken back to work by the Union’s bus. I feel at peace of mind because of that. Thanks to the company’s Trade Union and the Hanoi Confederation of Labor.”

Ngo Thi Hang, a worker at SD Vietnam Co., Ltd, who is from Dien Chau, Nghe An, stated that the Union’s buses are very meaningful as they help workers reduce travel costs and time when returning to Hanoi.

“After celebrating a warm Tet with their families, workers face a big concern when returning to work. Thanks to the Union’s support, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Trade Union of Hanoi Industrial and Export Processing Zones and the Nghe An Confederation of Labor,” said Ngo Thi Hang.

Thanh Hoa: “I hope the program will be held on a larger scale in the next Tet”

In Thanh Hoa, in the early morning of February 14, many pick-up locations were organized by the Trade Union of Hanoi Industrial and Export Processing Zones, the Trade Union of Nghi Son Economic Zone, and Industrial Zones in Thanh Hoa to welcome over 200 workers back to work.

Pick-up points were arranged at Ha Trung District People’s Committee; Bim Son town bus station; Fatherland Front Committee of Hoang Hoa district and Southern Bus Station in Thanh Hoa. At the pick-up points, workers were visited and supported by Union officials. Union officials wished the workers a convenient trip and a lucky start to the new year.

The bus picks up Thanh Hoa workers to return to Hanoi to work after the 2024 Lunar New Year holiday (Photo: L.D).
Ngo The Anh, Chairman of the Trade Union of Nghi Son Economic Zone and Thanh Hoa Industrial Parks, said: “This is the first year that the two Unions have coordinated in transporting workers. The program has connected workers, trade unions, and each other. This program will continue to be developed on a larger scale in the coming years, with more trips, more workers, and more warmth.”

Expressing his feelings while traveling on the Union’s free bus, Nguyen Van Nga (worker at Asahi Intecc Hanoi Co., Ltd.) said: “We received guidance and dedicated support from Union officials from the moment we got on the bus until we got off. The bus only carries workers from the starting point to the final destination, without any pushing or picking up passengers along the way. Workers’ families had a convenient journey home to celebrate Tet and return to work.”

According to Nguyen Van Nga, without the Trade Union bus, many workers from remote provinces would have to travel on cramped and expensive buses, making it difficult and costly for them to return home to celebrate Tet with their families.

According to Ngo The Anh, Chairman of the Trade Union of Nghi Son Economic Zone and Thanh Hoa Industrial Parks, to implement the plan of coordinating with the Trade Union of Hanoi Industrial Zones and Export Processing Zones to welcome Thanh Hoa’s union members and workers back to Hanoi to work after the Lunar New Year, the unit sent official dispatches to relevant departments, branches, localities, district Confederations of Labor, city Confederations of Labor, town Confederations of Labor, and industry unions. The unit requested them to create favorable conditions for pick-up locations for workers, ensuring security and order. The organization of the trip was efficiently coordinated by the Unions.

According to the Hanoi Confederation of Labor, the itineraries of 6 free buses to pick up workers from Thanh Hoa and Nghe An to return to Hanoi for work are Bim Son – Hanoi, Ha Trung – Hanoi, Hoang Hoa – Hanoi, Dong Ve – Hanoi, and Nghe An – Hanoi. The bus trips are supported for trade union members, workers in difficult circumstances, workers at businesses in Hanoi, especially union members, and workers under the Trade Union of Hanoi Industrial and Export Processing Zones. Priority is given to pregnant female workers and those raising children under 36 months old.
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