Top delicacies in Hai Phong that you shouldn’t miss

Hai Phong has emerged as a new paradise for food lovers with a series of delicacies that can conquer your taste buds with just a bite.


top delicacies in hai phong that you shouldnt miss

Crab rice noodle soup or Banh da cua

Crab noodle would be at the first glance when it comes to a worth-a-try menu in Hai Phong. The dish only conquers the locals but also domestic and foreign visitors. The noodle has a certain toughness combining with sweet pork ribs-based soups and shrimp, crab among others on top for a perfect taste.

Crab rice noodle is so popular that visitors can find in some corners of the street or even big restaurants across the port city.

Freshwater crab hotpot

top delicacies in hai phong that you shouldnt miss

Also known as the de facto soul of the port city’s cuisine, Freshwater crab hotpot charms visitors with the nostalgic taste. The look of the steamy hotpot with eye-catching combining colors of the yellow of fatty grease, the red of tomatoes, and the light green of the scallion allure all the sense of the eaters.

Spicy stick-shaped bread

top delicacies in hai phong that you shouldnt miss

Spicy stick-shaped bread is one of the specialties and pride of Hai Phong people. The bread was crispy on the outside, however, rapidly dissolve in the mouth after a bite.

The bread usually sold at street stalls packed with patrons. Someone bring bread home, someone enjoys right at the stall, and the others buy as a gift for friends and relatives in other provinces… The spicy stick-bread is cheap. It’s easily recognized by stick form, stuffed with pâté, pepper, and chili sauce. It would be a regrettable thing if you have been Hai Phong without trying it.

Red jellyfish

top delicacies in hai phong that you shouldnt miss

For some people, the dish may be something creepy. The look of the raw jellyfish and shrimp paste may make you hesitate to try at first, but its delicate combination of the aromas and flavors of the paste, copra, grilled tofu, cumquat and herbs will definitely make you go back for more.

Spicy porridge

top delicacies in hai phong that you shouldnt miss

If Hanoi has spare rib porridge (Chao suon), Hai Phong has a spicy porridge cooked from pureed rice with bone broth. A standard bowl of spicy porridge has eel, mussels, jew’s ear, paprika to create the spiciness as the name itself. This dish is suitable for enjoying a chilly breakfast in Hai Phong.

Crab spring rolls

top delicacies in hai phong that you shouldnt miss

Hai Phong is famous for many delicious dishes, and crab spring rolls is one of the dishes that cannot be ignored when it comes to harbor land’s cuisine. In particular, this dish requires skillful and careful chefs, especially in the rolling process. Crab rolls have a fragrant flavor of crab, besides there are lean shoulder meat, vermicelli, egg yolks, … chopped, bean sprouts. If you have the opportunity to set foot in Hai Phong, do not miss this delicious delicious dish.

Snail and seafood

top delicacies in hai phong that you shouldnt miss

If you do not mention snails in this list, it is a big shortcoming for the culinary fanatic. Snail and seafood are among the freshest and delicious dishes in Hai Phong that won the hearts of thousands of foodlovers coming here. If I talk about the differences, I think snails here are cheaper and fresher than elsewhere.