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Splash Magazine, a renowned travel website, has curated a list of the top five must-visit restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City for tourists seeking an unparalleled culinary experience and a taste of authentic Vietnamese cuisine.


In the bustling metropolis of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City has become a prominent player in the global culinary scene. With its selection of esteemed dining establishments receiving Michelin recognition in 2023, the city seamlessly blends the art of fine dining with its vibrant street food culture. As the fragrant aromas of traditional phở stands intertwine with the exquisite scents of modern gourmet kitchens, Saigon invites epicureans from around the world to indulge in a grand feast of flavors, traditions, and innovative culinary techniques, as reported by Splash magazine.


NORIBOI is a testament to the art of Omakase, reimagined through their modernist approach to Japanese cuisine. They utilize molecular gastronomy techniques to create an unforgettable sensory experience for diners. Each dish, from their meticulously sourced imported Japanese fish to their melt-in-your-mouth A5 grade Wagyu beef, is a culinary masterpiece that fuses traditional flavors with avant-garde methodology. This is not your typical sushi bar experience; it is a meticulously crafted presentation of taste, texture, and the highest level of culinary innovation.

Splash Magazine: Five Restaurants To Visit In Ho Chi Minh City
NORIBOI restaurant. Photo: Splash magazine

Gastronomy goes beyond culinary preparation; it encompasses the study of ingredients, preparation techniques, flavor combinations, and presentation, resulting in a flavorful, functional, and artistic dining experience. Gastronomy can be likened to culinary magic, supported by sophisticated tools and catalysts that produce exceptional effects to elevate food.

NORIBOI selects only the highest quality and freshest natural ingredients. Each day, they carefully select, prepare, and serve seafood at its peak flavor. The minimalist decor complements the food, acting as a blank canvas for the flavors to shine. Each dish is carefully composed to preserve the freshness and essence of the ingredients.

Anan Saigon

Anan Saigon, awarded a coveted Michelin Star in 2023 and ranked #40 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list, is a premier dining destination in Ho Chi Minh City. Chef-owner Peter Cuong Franklin elevates traditional Vietnamese street food and national dishes using French cooking techniques to create sublime plates that showcase the freshest locally sourced ingredients. Anan Saigon offers both à la carte and tasting menus, and a reservation at this culinary gem is highly sought after.

Splash Magazine: Five Restaurants To Visit In Ho Chi Minh City
The high cuisine at Anan Saigon restaurant. Photo: Splash magazine

From its stunning rooftop, visitors can take in the neon-lit skyline of Ho Chi Minh City, a testament to the city’s cosmopolitan growth. Anan Saigon’s rooftop offers an urban ambiance, making it the perfect place to enjoy cocktails and delectable dishes.

Anan Saigon encompasses multiple dining experiences, including a restaurant on the ground and first floor, an outdoor deck with a street food atmosphere, and a picturesque rooftop bar on the 6th floor.

Nen Light Restaurant

Splash Magazine: Five Restaurants To Visit In Ho Chi Minh City
The philosophy of 2023 Michelin Selected Nen Light Restaurant is to present highly creative, storytelling tasting menus showcasing hyper-local Vietnamese ingredients. Photo: Splash magazine

2023 Michelin Selected Nen Light Restaurant is dedicated to showcasing highly creative tasting menus that tell a story. They focus on using hyper-local Vietnamese ingredients discovered during foraging trips throughout Central Vietnam. Founder/Chef Summer Nen recently introduced her latest culinary exploration, Sto:ry Menu #5: Days of 22, which took a year to develop and tells the tale of her university years in Japan. Each dish is a testament to creativity, innovation, artistry, and a deep passion for Vietnamese flavors.

SOKO Cake Bake & Brunch

Splash Magazine: Five Restaurants To Visit In Ho Chi Minh City
A sweet destination in HCMC. Photo: Splash magazine

With two locations in Saigon’s District 1, SOKO Cake Bake & Brunch is the city’s premier daytime dining spot. They offer a symphony of flavors and a diverse menu that delights from morning till late afternoon. Their house-made pastries showcase artful baking and pair perfectly with their imaginative coffee creations that push the boundaries of tradition. SOKO isn’t just setting the brunch standard; it’s a culinary institution in its own right, deserving a place on this carefully curated top 5 list.

TRE Dining

Splash Magazine: Five Restaurants To Visit In Ho Chi Minh City
Each dish, and meticulously crafted cocktail, tells a story and showcases Vietnam’s gastronomic heritage. Photo: Splash magazine

2023 Michelin Selected TRE Dining elegantly combines tradition and innovation in their contemporary Vietnamese-inspired creations. Each dish and meticulously crafted cocktail tells a story, inviting diners to explore the depths of Vietnam’s gastronomic heritage. Whether enjoying a curated set menu or exploring their à la carte options, guests at TRE are guaranteed a culinary journey like no other, making it a must-try destination in the city’s gourmet scene.

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