Top 5 Cafés Reminiscent of Your Childhood in Ho Chi Minh City

Enjoy drinks and taking pictures at a concept cafe reminiscent of childhood, where antiques and cartoon characters are displayed.


When June knocks on our door, unexpected rain seems to cool everyone’s soul. The coffee spaces interwoven with the past and present are ideal spots to wait out a passing storm.

For Vietnamese, these cafes are pure nostalgia. Expats and tourists will be given a unique look into the vibes of Vietnam in the ’90s.

Cam cam kafe

The café is decorated in retro style, located in an old apartment with a view of the Ha Chuong Assembly Hall, in Cho Lon area.

Right at the entrance of the 2-floor café, you can see the bar. The ground floor has cool air, easy to catch the wind. The upper floor displays many antiques such as oil lamps, old tapes, radios, TVs, and even paintings of the Ha Chuong Assembly Hall. From this space, guests can easily view the ancient pagoda while sitting at the table next to the glass frame.

Top 5 Cafés Reminiscent of Your Childhood in Ho Chi Minh City
Cam Cam Kafe (Photo: Zing)

The café serves tea, coffee, ice cream, soda, mojito, yogurt, and cocktails with various flavors. For food, you can choose noodle soup, dry noodles, cake, or jam.

This place is suitable for a private date or for relaxing after a hard-working day. It is designed with colors of the old decade, recalling the old memories of many young people. The panoramic view is very ideal for you to check in.

The waiter is responsive, but he is the only person working in the café, so it takes a while to prepare the dish.

The car and bike parking areas are quite crowded and the price is relatively high.

On the Deck Concept

The newly opened café attracts many young people with the concept of a coffee – pub – exhibition complex.

At the beginning of June, guests can check-in, and visit the One Piece exhibition for free.

Top 5 Cafés Reminiscent of Your Childhood in Ho Chi Minh City
On the Deck Concept (Photo: Zing)

The café is located in an alley but the area is quite large. The architectural space is stylized in every detail, imitating the shape of a pirate ship, with pure Vietnamese green patches.

There are also many models, paintings, and art publications themed One Piece. The highlight of this café is the 2-meter-high wooden statue of Gol D. Roger or the 4-D acrylic painting on wood named Brotherhood, which demonstrates the brotherhood of three characters Ace – Sabo – Luffy.

The menu is diverse, some dishes are inspired by the characters in the movie.

Currently, the number of guests coming to the café is quite large, so the waiting time is relatively long.

Rainy Coffee

The cafe is located in an alley in Phu Nhuan district, close to the train tracks. It is not easy to find the location, but the shop is still an attractive rendezvous for those who love nostalgia and want to recall their childhood memories.

The space is quite limited, just like the old house of many families in the past. There is a grocery corner selling junk food like in the childhood village.

Top 5 Cafés Reminiscent of Your Childhood in Ho Chi Minh City
Photo: Zing

The interior features wooden tables and chairs, antique TV cabinets, and floral tile…, bringing a familiar feeling. The café also has sets of fishing games, blowing bubbles, pinwheels, handheld electronic games…

The menu of drinks is diverse with tamarind drink, fruit tea, coffee, bac xiu, tea, smoothies… at a very reasonable price.

The café is not very crowded, so you should invite some friends to join. If you want to take beautiful photos, you should schedule the meeting during the day, when it is sunny.

Coffee 80 Tan Hoa Canal

The café is located at the intersection of Tan Hoa – Trinh Dinh Trong canal.

This place is spacious, decorated in the old quarter style, and rich in nostalgia. There is a lake in the middle of the yard. When the weather is hot, the roof is pulled out to avoid the sun.

Top 5 Cafés Reminiscent of Your Childhood in Ho Chi Minh City
Photo: Zing

The menu is not very attractive, mainly popular drinks such as tea, coffee, smoothies… at affordable prices.

The café is more suitable for you to chat, and relax than work.

The minus point is that sitting outside will sometimes be affected by smoke from other people.

At weekends, the café is quite crowded.

The Story of Coffee

The café is decorated in the style of the 90s with old-fashioned items such as telephones, radios, ceramics, film cameras…

Though the area is modest, it is still comfortable for you to sit, relax, and sip a drink. Many check-in corners are ideal for those who like vintage style.

Top 5 Cafés Reminiscent of Your Childhood in Ho Chi Minh City
Story of Coffee (Photo: Zing)

Space and music at this café bring a sense of closeness. In particular, the place evokes memories for guests of the 8X and 9X generations.

The shop has a counter selling childhood snacks such as nuggets, pork ear snacks,… The menu of drinks is quite mainstream.

The quality of food and service is acceptable in the price range.

Tracy Dao