At the top of the list is Ha Long Bay, an extraordinary site that has been acknowledged by UNESCO since 1994.

The limestone karst pillars found in Vietnam are truly spectacular, with approximately 1,600 towering islands and islets emerging from the Gulf of Tonkin. Although these formations are not exclusive to Vietnam, their grandeur is unmatched. These natural wonders are off-limits to humans, providing a sanctuary exclusively for native seabird populations.

Hoi An Ancient City claims the sixth spot on the list. This central city was formerly a bustling port town that attracted merchants from various parts of Asia. However, approximately 200 years ago, the Thu Bon River became filled with sediment, leading traders to relocate elsewhere.

Hoi An’s rich multi-cultural history is evident in its captivating French-style buildings, charming Chinese Quarter, and picturesque Japanese-style covered bridge. The influence of China is prominently displayed in the city’s assembly halls, each meticulously constructed to reflect the distinct cultural heritage of its settlers’ home provinces. This harmonious blend of diverse cultural elements truly sets Hoi An apart.

Ranked ninth on the list is Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. This park achieved UNESCO recognition prior to the discovery of the world’s largest cave, Son Doong cave, which spans five kilometers and is large enough to accommodate a skyscraper.

According to travel magazine Wanderlust, the area was officially opened to tourism services in 2013, although guided trips into its impressive limestone caves are still relatively new. New caves continue to be discovered, and the recently found Hang Va, a stunning underground stalagmite field, is now also receiving tours.

Some other notable sites to include on the list are the Singapore Botanic Gardens in Singapore, Luang Prabang in Laos, Gunung Mulu National Park in Malaysia, and Sukhothai and Associated Historic Towns in Thailand.

Southeast Asia is renowned for its abundance of exceptional destinations, comprising 41 impressive UNESCO world heritage sites. These regions feature a captivating combination of untamed parks, extraordinary natural marvels, and venerable temples.

Wanderlust has carefully selected their top destinations in the region and highly recommends them as exceptional tour opportunities.