“Three-in-One” Guide: Newly Published Portuguese-Vietnamese Dictionary

The Portuguese-Vietnamese Dictionary is an essential resource for all those learning Portuguese, providing a pocket textbook, vocabulary lookup and conversations topics.


Dr. Nguyen Van Lang, chairman of the Vietnam – Brazil Friendship and Cooperation Association, presented the “three in one” Portuguese – Vietnamese Dictionary at a launch ceremony in Hanoi on September 6.

After 12 years of development, the association successfully transformed the idea of creating the dictionary into a reality. The dictionary aims to meet the needs of individuals who are passionate about Portuguese and desire its widespread usage in Vietnam.

New Portuguese-Vietnamese Dictionary Published:
The Portuguese – Vietnamese dictionary was introduced in Hanoi on September 6 by the Vietnam – Brazil Friendship and Cooperation Association. Photo: Thu Ha

What sets the Portuguese-Vietnamese Dictionary apart from other Portuguese teaching materials is its practicality and high usability.

Dr. Nguyen Van Lang stated, “This dictionary serves as a valuable and practical resource for teaching and promoting Portuguese and Brazilian languages and cultures in Vietnam. It is a long-term effort by the Vietnam – Brazil Friendship and Cooperation Association to foster mutual understanding in history, politics, science and technology, culture, and sports between Vietnam and Brazil, as well as between Vietnam and the Portuguese-speaking community worldwide.”

Brazilian Ambassador to Vietnam, Marco Farani, emphasized that the dictionary serves as a bridge connecting Vietnam, Brazil, and Portuguese-speaking countries worldwide in terms of culture, commerce, and diplomacy. It contributes to the dissemination of Portuguese-speaking country’s culture, particularly Brazilian culture, in Vietnam.

Ambassador Marco Farani also expressed his intention to bring the dictionary on his next trip to Brazil, where he will present it to the Brazilian President.

New Portuguese-Vietnamese Dictionary Published:
Ambassador Nguyen Phuong Nga, President of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, presented flowers to congratulate the Vietnam – Brazil Friendship and Cooperation Association and the editorial team of the Portuguese-Vietnamese Dictionary. Photo: Thu Ha

The Portuguese-Vietnamese Dictionary consists of three parts. The first part provides an overview of the phonological, morphological, and syntactic characteristics of Portuguese and Portuguese-speaking countries worldwide. It offers users a general understanding of the typological features of Portuguese, a Romance language belonging to the Indo-European language family. Additionally, it provides information about the geographical distribution of Portuguese-speaking countries.

The second part contains 17 thematic sections related to various topics such as family, education, health, restaurants and food, hotels, shopping, sports, culture, festivals, transportation, media, agriculture, industry, finance, international business, national administration, nation and nationality, labor, and professions. Each section includes Portuguese-Vietnamese vocabulary.

These topics are selected based on their practical application for users. Individuals who travel or work can directly apply the Spanish conversations, words, and phrases from each section to real-life communication scenarios. Each topic is structured in a logical order, including dialogues related to the topic, common phrases for reference and usage, vocabulary related to the topic, and general information regarding the topic in Brazil and Portugal.

New Portuguese-Vietnamese Dictionary Published:
Dr. Nguyen Van Lang, chairman of the Vietnam – Brazil Friendship and Cooperation Association, signs the Portuguese – Vietnamese dictionary for students of the Portuguese department at Hanoi University.

The third part consists of a basic Portuguese-Vietnamese vocabulary table, containing approximately 15,000 common words and phrases with contextual examples for better understanding and usage.

The Portuguese-Vietnamese Theme Dictionary is available for purchase at VND 279,000 (USD 11.6) in major bookstores and distribution agents. The Vietnam – Brazil Friendship and Cooperation Association will collaborate with the National Office of Intellectual Property to address copyright issues and enhance the dictionary’s content. An online version will also be published for free.

Hannah Nguyen