Three Coffee Shops with Beautiful Scenery in Ha Giang

In Ha Giang, besides discovering the beauty of nature or man-made structures, visitors should take time to experience services at local cafes. Here are 3 cafes with extremely impressive views.

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Dong Van Bar

The name of this cafe impresses the vast majority of visitors. This destination is located on Ma Pi Leng pass, which is on the list of the four great peaks of Vietnam. The beautiful cafe has outstanding natural features that mirror that of the pass. Surrounding this place are high mountains, rows of green trees, and plum flowers. The most unique feature is the terraced fields. In the distance lies the vast valley and the bottomless abyss that represents the potential level of danger and ruggedness.

At any time of the day, visitors will also be welcomed by a team of professional, dedicated, and enthusiastic staff who will lead customers to a place with a view that suits their preferences and desires.

Three Coffee Shops with Beautiful Scenery in Ha Giang

The drink menu here is very diverse and eye-catching. Most of the ingredients are natural and unique, and the recipe is also very special. These factors create cool soft drinks and tasty cups of coffee with a sweet and bitter taste. Customers can choose the ideal and perfect seat to watch the beautiful natural scenery. The best thing is to enjoy hot drinks on cold days. For first-time visitors, they can rely on the staff’s recommendations to choose the right drinks. Besides drinks, this place also offers customers a variety of delicious cakes as well.

The highlight of Dong Van Bar is probably the construction style and classic and modern design that is very harmonious. Each area of this cafe shows the remarkable aesthetic eye of the architects, from the colors, and materials, to the layout. The tables placed on the balcony and the rooftop are always booked, especially on holidays and Tet. Customers can freely take pictures here.

Ma Pi Leng Panorama

This destination has been extremely hot and has attracted the attention of travel magazines, virtual believers, and many tourists in recent years. Ma Pi Leng Panorama is located on the same pass as Dong Van Bar. The service here is more extensive because it is part of a hotel and cafe complex located next to the craggy mountainside.

After many improvements and reconstructions to make this cafe more suitable for the terrain and landscape, this place is gradually becoming an attractive tourist destination. The best thing is that customers will have the opportunity to “hunt cloud” right on the balcony or rooftop of the building. Along the bumpy and massive cliffs is a beautiful winding stream.

Three Coffee Shops with Beautiful Scenery in Ha Giang

North Pole Cafe

The North Pole Cafe is located in Lo Lo Chai village, a small village right at the foot of the Lung Cu flagpole, in Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province. Most visitors love this cafe because of its rustic and unique beauty.

Three Coffee Shops with Beautiful Scenery in Ha Giang

Thanks to their enthusiasm, humor, good English communication skills, and good bartending skills, the service staff at this cafe are very popular with young people. When visitors come here, they can enjoy drinks and learn about the culture of the Lo Lo people.

The North Pole coffee shop was built with the architectural style of a walled house bearing the cultural identity of the Lo Lo people. This cafe is not too big, with only 4 to 5 small tables placed in the yard to serve visitors. The area right next to the bar is small and can only serve around 10 people.

Some special features include:

– The North Pole Coffee Shop offers free wifi service.

– Visitors can also rent costumes of Lo Lo people to take pictures, the rental price is about USD 4.04/set.

– The North Pole has a wide variety of coffee and drinks with prices ranging from USD 1.01 to USD 1.62.

– There is also a notebook for guests to leave their comments.

Sipping a cup of coffee or a drink, looking far away towards the sacred Lung Cu flagpole in a peaceful, rustic space will make any visitor love the land and people of Ha Giang even more.

Three Coffee Shops with Beautiful Scenery in Ha Giang
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