Three Amazing Experiences to Celebrate Hanoi’s Lovely Autumn

When tourists come to Hanoi in the autumn, they can stroll around the streets, enjoy the chilly air and enjoy warm dishes.


Hanoi is on CNN’s list of the Top 10 most amazing destinations in the world in autumn of 2022. The capital is described as “an interesting bright spot” with beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate. The autumn season is a favorite time of Hanoians, as it seems to intensifies the beauty of the capital’s busy streets. Here are 3 suggestions for travelers who plan to visit Hanoi in autumn.

Three Amazing Experiences to Celebrate Hanoi's Lovely Autumn
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Go for a walk, enjoy the chilly air

The autumn weather is quite pleasant, the sun is not too hot, very suitable for tourists to go for a walk and look at the streets.

Three Amazing Experiences to Celebrate Hanoi's Lovely Autumn
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Enjoy the fresh air at Hoan Kiem Lake in the early morning: If you want to enjoy the fresh air and feel the slow pace of life in the capital in autumn, you can visit Hoan Kiem Lake in the early morning. You can easily see images of people exercising, relaxing, and drinking coffee around this area.

Walking around Phan Dinh Phung street in the season of falling leaves: Phan Dinh Phung street is known as one of the most romantic streets in Hanoi. In autumn, the sidewalks are covered with fallen yellow leaves. This is gradually becoming a familiar check-in point for the people of the capital and tourists every autumn.

Watch the sunset at West Lake: West Lake is known as the most impressive sunset viewing spot in Hanoi. You can choose to take a walk or rent a bicycle around the lake, sit at a nearby cafe to catch the sunset, and enjoy the cool autumn air. 17:30 p.m-18:00 p.m is the most suitable time to hunt for sunset photos on West Lake.

Observing the street from coffee shops

A cafe with a beautiful view will be an ideal rendezvous for those who want to hang out on autumn days in Hanoi. You can just sip delicious drinks, chat with friends and watch the streets in autumn.

Three Amazing Experiences to Celebrate Hanoi's Lovely Autumn
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Black Bird (Chan Cam, Hoan Kiem district): The outdoor area of this café has only a few seats but is loved by many customers. Sitting here, you can see the old villa opposite the café. Occasionally, you also see people selling nuggets in front of it.

Cu Xa Café (Ton That Tung, Dong Da District): Located in an old dormitory, this cafe is not too large but has both indoor and outdoor seating areas. You can choose a table on the balcony, sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the chilly air.

Sunday Cafe (Tran Quy Cap, Dong Da district): This cafe is located deep in an alley, the road is quite winding but the space and drinks here will satisfy diners. The light decor and hand-written menu are one of the interesting features of the restaurant.

Delicious autumn snacks and dishes

You also have the opportunity to enjoy many delicious dishes in Hanoi in autumn.

Three Amazing Experiences to Celebrate Hanoi's Lovely Autumn


Green nuggets: In autumn, green nuggets are a delicacy. Late summer and early autumn is the time when people in Vong village (Hanoi) start making nuggets. In addition to eating this snack directly, green nuggets are also a raw material for many dishes such as fried rice, green rice, and sticky rice.

Ripe dracontomelon: Besides green nuggets, dracontomelon is also a familiar dish of autumn. You can enjoy nuggets as a snack and drink a glass of iced dracontomelon juice.

Sandworm omelet: The sandworm season that appears most often starts in September and ends in November of the lunar calendar every year. Therefore, when you have the opportunity to visit Hanoi at this time, do not forget to enjoy the hot and delicious sand worm omelet.

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