Walking through popular areas of Vietnam’s capital, visitors will often hear the sound of a cyclo, a traditional Vietnamese rickshaw, as its rider searches for potential passengers, wrote author Ed Peters.

Sampling the local cuisine is a highlight of any trip to Vietnam. The renowned “Street food” is recognized by Michelin, with Pho Ga Nguyet’s chicken noodles receiving a Bib Gourmand, an award that signifies good food at affordable prices.

While Michelin’s presence may bring change, well-established restaurants like Madame Hien continue to be popular. Located in a century-old mansion with a charming courtyard, diners can enjoy Vietnamese classics like duck cooked with green tea, daikon, and mango for just $12.

Similarly, Cha Ca La Vong, without any Michelin stars, is unpretentious and straightforward. The restaurant’s name refers to a boneless river catfish, which is fried at the table with fresh dill and spring onions and served with rice noodles, cilantro, and roasted peanuts, according to the author.

Aside from souvenirs, there are plenty of well-crafted lacquerware, silk, and hand embroidery sold in the mainstream shops around the Old Quarter and nearby districts.

A few steps away from the tourist areas, just north of the Old Quarter, is Dong Xuan Market. This multi-winged, three-story market is a bustling and chaotic place. The market is worth a visit for the sheer spectacle alone, and the prices are reasonable as well.

In some areas, the aisles are so narrow that it’s a tight squeeze for two people to pass each other. Traders sit on top of their merchandise, which includes clothing, fabrics, shoes, household items, dried food, and various other odds and ends.

The ground floor features a fountain and seating area, and on weekends, the street outside is transformed into a night market. At Dong Xuan Market, the enjoyment of shopping is enhanced by the vibrant atmosphere.

Ultimately, immersing oneself in the historic ambiance of Hanoi is the best reason to visit and experience the city, as the news outlet concluded.