The Winter Delicacy of Kashmir Helps People Stay Warm

With its smoky flavour and delicate texture, the traditional dish of Kashmir, Smoked fish (or Phari) is commonly found in Western countries of the world.

A woman cooking Phari (Photo/ANI)
A woman cooking Phari (Photo/ANI)

The smoked fish is considered one of the most delicious and nutritious winter dishes which adorns the table of people in the Kashmir valley, especially during winter.

As per the experts, this reddish-brown Smoked Fish provides great resistance to cold-related diseases. It is used in sub-zero temperatures during winter in Kashmir, as it helps generate more heat in the body which saves one from the bone-chilling winter.

The more common it is to find, the easier it is to prepare. By the end of autumn, people in every area near the reservoirs, including Srinagar roast the fish in their traditional way by collecting wild grass and laying it out for drying after collecting it from nearby areas.

This grass is then kept in layered to roast freshly obtained fish by cooking it until it takes all the desired attributes in one to two hours.

One of the Agricultural University of Kashmir professors, who holds Master’s in Fisheries, Jahan Zeb said that consuming smoked fish has numerous benefits including protection against harmful microorganisms due to the antiseptic properties of the smoke. The chemical components in the fish inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria and also inhibit viral activity, he said.

Notably, every year, smoked fish is sold in the markets of Kashmir during winter. Women sell them in various parts of Srinagar, however, the trend has declined considerably in the past few years. (ANI)