The Vietnamese Embassy in Copenhagen: Leading the Way at the Diplomatic Bazaar 2024

The Vietnam Embassy in Denmark joined hands with the Ambassadors' Spouses Group (ASG) in Copenhagen to partake in the second Diplomatic Bazaar, a noble initiative to raise funds for children with disabilities in the country.


The Vietnamese Embassy in Copenhagen joined nearly 30 other embassies at the second Diplomatic Bazaar, hosted by the Ambassadors’ Spouses Group (ASG). The event, held at Gentofte Town Hall, aimed to raise funds for the Danish Children’s Support Fund.

The Vietnam stall, along with others, showcased and sold traditional dishes, handicrafts, and cultural products. This included fresh spring rolls, brocade purses, bamboo dragonfly toys, and Dong Ho paintings, captivating many Danish participants.

The embassy staff and spouse of the Vietnamese Ambassador to Denmark, Nguyen Thi Thu Hong, enthusiastically promoted Vietnamese culture, cuisine, and handicrafts to international friends. They also showcased Vietnamese fine arts and tourism products, offering a holistic view of Vietnam’s rich heritage.

The Vietnamese Embassy in Denmark showcases its cultural offerings, including traditional dishes and crafts, fine arts, and tourism products.

The event also featured a performance by zither artist Dieu Ly, who played the popular song ‘Hello Vietnam’. The audience enthusiastically danced along, celebrating the cultural exchange.

All proceeds from admission tickets, prize draws, and embassy sales will be donated to the Danish Children’s Fund, supporting children with disabilities in the country.

Michael Fenger, district chef of Gentofte, commended the ASG’s initiative, highlighting the positive impact of cultural exchange and the support it provides to those in need.

The Diplomatic Bazaar brought together 30 countries, offering a unique cultural experience to the Danish people and the diplomatic corps in Copenhagen.

The Vietnamese booth received much attention, with participants intrigued by the beautiful brocade purses and bamboo dragonflies. They also enthusiastically created their own Dong Ho paintings and enjoyed the fresh and fried spring rolls.

The Vietnamese booth, with its unique cultural offerings, attracted participants at the Diplomatic Bazaar.
A participant admires the intricate brocade purses at the Vietnamese booth.
Zither artist Dieu Ly, a Vietnamese expatriate in Denmark, captivates the audience with her mesmerizing performance.
Hannah Nguyen