The RaaB Family Goes Global: Expanding Horizons with First International Venture

RaaB Family, a trusted and leading provider of baby products, is thrilled to unveil its new location in Singapore. This expansion marks a pivotal moment in the company's history, showcasing its commitment to serving families with the very best.


RaaB Family is proud to announce its expansion into international markets, marking a strategic move to introduce its brand to a global audience. This expansion underscores our commitment to bringing our range of quality baby products to families worldwide.

Designed with a focus on safety, comfort, and convenience, RaaB Family products aim to make parenting easier and more enjoyable.

“As a parent, I understand the importance of providing the very best for our children,” said Randy, Founder of RaaB Family. “Our expansion into new markets is a testament to our dedication to ensuring that families everywhere have access to high-quality, innovative baby products that enhance their parenting journey.

Motivation for Expansion

The decision to expand internationally is a natural progression for RaaB Family, given our strong foothold in the Singapore market and the timely opportunity to broaden our horizons. By establishing a presence in Malaysia, we aim to increase brand awareness and meet the growing international demand for our products. This expansion also reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our customers by offering a diverse range of baby essentials.

Customer-Centric Approach

With increased accessibility, our customers can now enjoy a wider selection of products and benefit from creative solutions that meet their evolving needs. As part of our expansion strategy, we have introduced innovative products such as the UV sterilizer and diaper changing station. These additions not only address the needs of our customers but also enhance our competitive edge, ensuring we remain attuned to the demands of modern parenting.

Limited-Time Sale

To celebrate our new location opening, we are offering an exclusive limited-time sale. Customers can enjoy a 6% discount on all items available on our online store until December 31, 2024. Simply enter the voucher code “6OFFRAAB” during checkout on our website ( or to take advantage of this special offer. The discount is limited to the first 100 customers in both Singapore and Malaysia, so don’t miss out!

Future Plans

RaaB Family has ambitious plans for the future, with a vision to further expand our global footprint. We remain steadfast in our dedication to reshaping the landscape of childcare essentials, committed to developing and introducing products that meet the dynamic needs of today’s parents. Our goal is to empower parents to navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood with confidence and ease.

About RaaB Family

RaaB Family is a company specializing in baby products, dedicated to offering parents high-quality, innovative, and practical solutions. Founded by a group of parents who understand the trials and triumphs of parenthood, we are driven by a passion for creating products that support both parents and babies. From premium playpens to cozy baby cots, each item is meticulously designed to meet rigorous standards of quality, safety, and utility, creating a happy and secure environment for little ones.

RaaB Family

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