The pristine beauty of Da Ban stream

Located in the northeast part of Cua Duong commune, Phu Quoc, Da Ban is one of the streams in the middle of the island, surprising many visitors and overwhelming them with its beauty and wildness.

Phu Quoc has 99 majestic mountain peaks running from the north to the south. Starting at Ham Ninh mountain – the longest and tallest one on the island, Da Ban stream is the main source of water for Dong Duong lake which provides fresh water for the entire island.

The stream is called Da Ban (table stone) because there are many large flat stones shaped like a table’s surface due to the erosion caused by strong streams flowing down the mountains. That is why the water in Da Ban is cool and associated with many mysterious and thrilling stories. It is believed that Da Ban is where fairies bathed in when falling from heaven.

There are many large flat stones piled on top of each other along Da Ban stream. Photo: Kim Phuong

A tourist walks over a wooden cable stayed bridge to reach Da Ban stream. Photo: Le Minh

Tourists enjoy the cool water in Da Ban stream. Photo: Le Minh

The stream flows under a canopy of ancient trees in Phu Quoc forest. Photo: Le Minh

Da Ban stream flows through the narrow rocky cliffs, creating white foam. Photo: Le Minh

There is diverse and rich vegetation along the banks of Da Ban stream. Photo: Le Minh

Da Ban stream has a gentle upward slope, extending from the foot to the top of Da Ban mountain. Photo: Le Minh

Visitors enjoy the beauty of Da Ban. Photo: Kim Phuong

At the beginning of the stream, there is a suspension bridge. The path is surrounded by trees, which makes the atmosphere cool and fresh.

Along the stream lie many rocks in a variety of sizes. With shapes like giant tables, the rocks in Da Ban become ideal “tables” for visitors to put food and drinks on while enjoying the cool stream flowing past.

The way up to the source of Da Ban stream is about 2km. Following large rocks along the stream, visitors will see the pristine beauty of Da Ban with a flow full of white foam. The water upstream is clear and cool.

Visitors also have a chance to see the route used by Vietnamese troops in wars. Carved on the old forest trees along the route are the names and hometowns of the soldiers left when marching by.

The best time to travel to Da Ban is the rainy season from early May to the end of November,
when the stream is beautiful and full of water.

Story: Son Nghia – Photos: Le Minh & Kim Phuong