The mesmerizing allure of Hanoi’s autumn foliage

Spring in Hanoi captivates visitors with its enchanting landscapes and refreshing climate. The city's romantic scenery and mild temperatures create an irresistible allure for travelers. Whether it's strolling through blooming gardens or exploring historical sites, Hanoi in spring offers a picturesque and unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in the city's vibrant culture and vibrant energy as you navigate the bustling streets and indulge in local delicacies. From the charm of ancient temples to the tranquility of lakes and parks, Hanoi in spring is a destination that will capture your heart.


Hanoi‘s famous loc vung tree, scientifically known as Barringtonia acutangula, is about to enter its annual leaf-changing season, creating a stunning display of nature throughout the city.

Come and indulge in this magical sight, as these picturesque scenes only last for approximately two weeks.

 The Loc Vung trees at Hang Dau Water Tower on Phan Dinh Phung Street boast vibrant red and yellow leaves. Photo: Duy Khanh/The Hanoi Times
These beautiful yellow leaves will soon fall, making way for fresh green buds.
On the branch, a solitary yellow leaf resembles a small dot against the sky.
As the leaves of the loc vung tree transform from yellow to red and green, the entire area gets bathed in a stunning array of colors.
 The tree’s yellow leaves also carpet the pavement, creating a picturesque scene.
During the leaf-changing season, young Hanoians seize the opportunity to capture memorable snapshots beside the loc vung tree.
 The beauty of the ancient loc vung tree along the shores of Hoan Kiem Lake attracts both locals and tourists alike. Photo: Dung Dang
Both the legendary lake and the majestic tree are believed to be as old as the city of Hanoi itself.
This serene space serves as a muse for poets, musicians, and artists. Photo: Dung Dang