The Majestic Beauty of Hoa Binh Hydroelectric Lake

Hoa Binh Hydroelectricity Lake possesses many beautiful environmental landscapes and man-made structures, from the immense water surface to the majestic mountains and ancient temples. Those are some of the selling points that attract a lot of tourists to Hoa Binh.


Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant was built at Hoa Binh lake, Hoa Binh province, on the Da river. This is the largest hydropower plant in Vietnam and Southeast Asia from 1994 to 2012 until the Son La Hydropower Plant was inaugurated. Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant was built and operated by the Soviet Union.

This lake has a length of 70 km, spreading over 17 communes in 5 districts and cities. In the lakebed area, there are 47 large and small islands, of which there are 11 limestone islands with an area of 116 hectares and 36 mountainous islands with an area of nearly 160 hectares.

The Majestic Beauty of Hoa Binh Hydroelectric Lake
Photo: Luxtour

Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant is an attractive tourist attraction. This place has many valuable construction works, typically: The monument of President Ho Chi Minh is located on Ong Tuong hill. When visitors stand here, they can see the whole hydroelectric plant. The existence of this statue originates from the event when Uncle Ho visited the Party Committee and people of ethnic groups in the province. This statue is 18 meters high and is made of granite; In addition, there is a memorial to Vietnamese citizens and Soviet experts who died at the building site of the Hydropower project.

The Majestic Beauty of Hoa Binh Hydroelectric Lake
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Monument and Letter of the Century are two historical monuments that visitors should not miss when they have the opportunity to come to the Hoa Binh hydropower reservoir. These are all symbolic memorabilia of the Vietnam-Soviet friendship, which is now Vietnam-Russia. The memorial was built after the completion of the hydroelectric power plant

The Majestic Beauty of Hoa Binh Hydroelectric Lake
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If tourists want to see the white water discharge factory, they should come here in the rainy season. This is also the most suitable time to admire and enjoy the majestic scenery of the mountains and forests.

The Majestic Beauty of Hoa Binh Hydroelectric Lake
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If visitors go through the tunnel deep underground, they will reach the generator area. 8 generator sets are located underground in the heart of a hill. Inside the tunnel, there are orange light bulbs, convenient for traveling and operating machinery. Not only that, but the lights also help the tunnel look mysterious and romantic. Thanks to the closed design, when entering, visitors will feel cool and comfortable. Visitors will be introduced to the process of operating the machines to generate electricity and how to put electricity into the national electricity grid.

The Majestic Beauty of Hoa Binh Hydroelectric Lake
Photo: Lendang

The factory is located about 3km west of Hoa Binh city center and about 70km from Hanoi. The route is smooth and the traffic conditions are convenient, so visitors can travel by motorbike or car.

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