The Distinctive “Eye Of The Storm” Within Hang Tien Cave

Nguyen Hai, a Vietnamese photographer, skillfully captured an extraordinary vortex-like formation inside Hang Tien Cave in his stunning photograph titled "Eye Of The Storm."


In 2020, photographer Nguyen Hai and his team embarked on a second expedition to explore Hang Tien Cave. Starting from Tan Hoa Commune, they rode their motorbikes towards Cao Quang commune in Quang Binh. Upon reaching the hill, Hai had to trek through forests, mountains, and streams to reach the meadow.

After hours of walking on the rocky path, the photographer arrived at the Hang Tien camping site, situated beside a cool, emerald stream.

The Unique “Eye Of The Storm” Inside Hang Tien Cave
One of the most significant characteristics of this destination is its vortex-looking shape that resembles the eye of a storm. Photo: Nguyen Hai

Hang Tien (Fairy Cave) is the largest dry cave in the Tu Lan cave system, located in Tuyen Hoa district, Quang Binh province, about 70 km west of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. It stands approximately 70 m high and 50 m wide.

The best time to visit this outdoor attraction is during the dry season, which runs from April to August. One of the defining features of this destination is its vortex-like shape that resembles the eye of a storm. Venturing further into the cave, visitors will discover an ancient world of rock formations hanging from the ceilings. Spending a night under a net of a thousand stars is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The name “Hang Tien” is derived from the legend that fairies from the sky come here to roam and enjoy the scenery. Local people consider Hang Tien a sacred place, often choosing it as a venue for important rituals such as praying for rain and peace. The cave boasts a diverse vegetation including ferns, mosses, and fungi, creating a rich ecosystem unique to this cave.

The Unique “Eye Of The Storm” Inside Hang Tien Cave
The entrance to Hang Tien Cave. Photo: Nguyen Hai

With formations resembling a layer cake of rimstone pools and lush ferns, this cave is truly a unique specimen. As you explore, you will come across a small skylight in the cave, created by a shaft that allows sunlight to spill into the depths.

According to the tour guide, the vortex-shaped ceiling of the cave was formed over millions of years by ocean currents.

The Unique “Eye Of The Storm” Inside Hang Tien Cave
“The Eye of the Storm” is the name given by netizens to Nguyen Hai’s most famous photography work. Photo: Nguyen Hai

“This is one of the most fascinating stories of tectonic movement I have ever heard. Standing there, gazing at the vortex, I was unable to put my emotions into words,” said Nguyen Hai, who expressed his delight at the love his work has received from many people.

Nguyen Hai resides and works in Quang Binh. Through his passion for photography, he has earned numerous awards, totaling up to 30.

Charlotte Pho