The Captivating Art of Vietnam: Showcasing at London’s Affordable Art Fair 2024

"The creative talents of fourteen Vietnamese artists were showcased at the 2024 Affordable Art Fair in London. Their captivating artworks, on display from May 8th to 12th, captivated and inspired British and international art enthusiasts, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended the fair."


The Affordable Art Fair, a renowned international commercial art event in the UK, celebrated its 25th anniversary this year with a spectacular showcase of art from around the world. Over 100 exhibiting galleries graced the event, presenting a diverse range of artworks, from paintings and sculptures to contemporary photography, printmaking, and mixed-media pieces. With prices ranging from 50 GBP to 7,500 GBP, the fair offered something for every art enthusiast and collector.

Among the sea of artistic talent, three Vietnamese galleries stood out: Hanoi Art House, Thang Long Art Gallery, and ArtBlue Studio. They proudly displayed a captivating collection of Vietnamese artworks, including lacquer, oil on canvas, watercolor, and wood-burn paintings. The artists represented included Thanh Chuong, Phuong Binh, Bui Trong Du, Hoang Duc Dzung, Nguyen Minh Son, Thanh Nguyen, Dinh Ngoc Thang, Ngo Van Sac, Vu Thu Hien, Le Quan, Nguyen Lam, Phuong Quoc Tri, Lieu Nguyen Huong Duong, and Bui Van Hoan. Their unique artistic expressions captivated both local and foreign collectors, leaving a lasting impression.

One of the exhibiting artists, Ngo Van Sac, expressed his enthusiasm for the Affordable Art Fair, describing it as an incredible opportunity to showcase Vietnamese art on a global stage. Sac’s wood-burn paintings, a unique art form from Vietnam, received positive feedback and appreciation from art lovers at the fair.

Vietnamese artists showcase their diverse talents at the Affordable Art Fair 2024 in London, captivating art enthusiasts from around the globe. Photo: VNA

Jennifer Conner, UK Regional Managing Director of Affordable Art Fair, shared the event’s humble beginnings 25 years ago, aiming to create an accessible and joyful space for people to discover and purchase art. The fair has since become a launchpad for emerging artists and galleries, with a focus on showcasing international talent, including a strong representation from Vietnam this year.

Hoa Angie, Director of Hanoi Art House, emphasized the rigorous curation process undertaken by the Fair’s organizing board, ensuring the high quality of the artworks on display. She highlighted the potential for Vietnamese paintings to thrive in the UK and global markets, and events like the Affordable Art Fair provide a perfect platform for introducing Vietnamese art to an international audience.

Geoff Carr, a collector from London, shared his journey of discovering Vietnamese art a decade ago at a small exhibition near London. He was immediately captivated by a painting titled “The Girl” by Phuong Binh, and since then, his passion for Vietnamese art has only grown. Carr now owns over 10 Vietnamese artworks, not for profit but for the pure love of the art form. He believes that Vietnamese art is on the cusp of a major global breakthrough, and its value and recognition will soar in the Western art world in the years to come.

Charlotte Pho