The Battle of Old vs New: The Media Taking on Artificial Intelligence

Amidst the immense success of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the finance and media industries, cautious voices expressing skepticism and calling for more regulation have increased, leaving the creators of AI-based platforms feeling cornered.

New Era: The Media Fightback Against AI
Media Companies Turned Against AI

Initially, the emergence of AI technology that could produce long-form pieces of data, essays, and sophisticated answers to complex questions was seen as a significant technological advancement.

However, it became apparent to writers and those in the media that much of this technology poses a threat to the future of human-written research, industry, and innovation. As a result, there is now a growing call for change. Major media companies are leading the charge against the rise of AI companies and their potential global dominance by implementing safeguards and measures.

How AI is Impacting Different Industries: From Gambling to Healthcare

While the media industry is currently experiencing the full impact of AI, it should be noted that the implementation of AI in other industries, such as healthcare and gambling, has been happening for some time. However, the stakes are much higher in the media industry, as jobs, livelihoods, and the essence of the industry itself are at risk.

In the gambling industry, AI has brought about changes that have streamlined and improved various aspects of operations, such as data analysis and game design. AI technology is used to gather and analyze information about gamblers and specific games, allowing for real-time adjustments and personalized experiences. Unlike the media industry, the gambling sector has embraced AI and the positive changes it brings.

Reasons Behind Media Companies’ Resistance to AI

Media companies have expressed concerns over AI technology’s unauthorized collection of information from their websites, violating intellectual property laws. This has led to major news sites, like The Guardian, blocking AI companies from accessing their content. Many content writers and journalists view the rise of AI as a threat to originality and creativity, as it undermines the importance of human-generated content.

The Future of AI and Written Content

Several countries aspire to become prominent centers for AI companies, driving significant innovations across various sectors. However, the landscape becomes more complicated when it comes to human writing, creativity, and innovation. Striking the right balance between regulation and allowing AI to have a positive impact without overpowering the industry is crucial. Calls for global regulation in the industry are becoming stronger, raising uncertainty among writers and artists who fear the increasing role of intelligent AI in replicating human-generated designs and content.

Although it is still early to determine the final outcome, regulation will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the industry. The media industry has already faced challenges stemming from the disruptive influence of the internet, and the addition of AI further threatens creativity and originality.

by Silvija