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The Alluring Charm of Ao Dai: A Fashion Extravaganza in London’s Heart

The elegant and eco-conscious designs of the Ao Dai, Vietnam's beloved traditional costume, captivated audiences at a diplomatic fundraiser in London on May 11. The event, a celebration of multiculturalism and sustainability, provided the perfect platform for the Ao Dai's unique blend of cultural heritage and environmental awareness to shine.


The Young Diplomats in London, a vibrant voluntary organization, hosted an event to celebrate and honor the traditional cultural values and arts of various countries, fostering mutual understanding between diplomatic and local communities. Over 20 foreign embassies participated in this meaningful gathering.

Representatives of the Organizing Committee and participating countries kickstarted the event with opening statements, setting the tone for a cultural journey. Photo: TTXVN

The Vietnamese Embassy presented a stunning showcase of eight ao dai designs from a collection crafted by Lan Huong. This collection holds a special significance as it commemorates the 50th anniversary of Vietnam-UK diplomatic relations, reached in 2023.

What sets these ao dai apart is the use of Boehmeria nivea yarn, a unique type of silk produced in a way that does not harm silkworms. The vibrant colors of the fabric are achieved through natural dyes, and the designs are embroidered by hand, showcasing Vietnamese cultural motifs. Minh Thu, Vice Ambassador of Vietnam to the UK, emphasized that this collection represents not only Vietnam’s cultural heritage but also its commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development.

The Vietnamese delegation proudly presented Lan Huong’s ao dai collection, titled “Journey to Prosperity.” Photo: TTXVN

Thu highlighted that this event is one of the many initiatives undertaken by the Vietnamese Embassy in the UK to promote the country’s image and foster investment, trade, and tourism cooperation with international partners.

Beyond the ao dai showcase, the organizers also treated guests to a diverse display of national costumes, artworks, fashion products, and traditional dishes from various countries. The event underscored the importance of cultural exchange and the preservation of heritage, with hopes to make it an annual occurrence, enriching London’s cultural landscape.

The Young Diplomats in London (YDL) is dedicated to fostering connections among young diplomats through social and multicultural events. We strongly believe in the power of solidarity and brotherhood between peoples, and our activities aim to build bridges across cultures. YDL supports its members in settling into life in the UK and staying connected even after their posting ends.

As one of the most dynamic diplomatic associations, YDL has been creating a platform since its establishment in 2002 to facilitate the smooth integration of its members into the diplomatic community and culture of the UK. Additionally, we strive to enhance diplomats’ knowledge of the issues and opportunities present in one of the largest diplomatic hubs globally.

Charlotte Pho