After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the renowned art event in Hanoi offers an opportunity for locals to learn about different types of arts such as painting, sculpture and ceramics.

 The opening ceremony of the International Art Workshop and Exhibition Vietnam 2022. Photo: Tran Manh Linh

The International Art Workshop and Exhibition Vietnam 2022 aka Hanoi Art Connecting 2022 will take place from April 9 to May 9 at Vincom Center for Contemporary Art in Hanoi, with the participation of hundreds of domestic and international artists.

To Vietnamese art lovers, this will be an emotional comeback of the annual art networking event in Vietnam.

The activity will have the attendance of hundreds of artists from Vietnam and Australia, the USA, Ireland, Spain, Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, and Canada, among others.

Participating in the event for the second time, artist Nguyen Thi Kim Duc, the creator of the painting “Cover of Future”, said that she has the same opinion as painter Trinh Tuan, founder of Hanoi Art Connecting: ‘Even when the Covid-19 pandemic is still a barrier, the artists in the 5th Hanoi Art Connecting are still very excited, eager to work, create and share art, joys and sorrows together. And above all, they want to bring their art to the public”.

“I love the feeling of staying focused on each stroke beside other artists from all over the world. Working collectively provides creative inspiration. We can talk, observe and learn how others create in an open space. Usually, people can only see artworks in exhibitions. But when you are able to witness the creative process, as an artist, there will be various nuances of emotions, and you could easily go into ecstasy,” she stated.

Not only passionate about art, but painter Kim Duc is also always concerned about how to bring Vietnamese artworks to the world. As an artist, she hopes that there will be more meaningful playgrounds like this.

Artist Nguyen Thi Kim Duc joined the Hanoi Art Connecting for the second time. Photo: VNA

Besides painting, she is also the founder of Laicity (an investment joint-stock company), which specializes in technology and is expanding into Metaverse (3D virtual universe), following the trend of hi-tech applications with many great opportunities and challenges.

“We give priority to preserving and promoting the values of natural and cultural elements. By employing technology and through my projects, I want to contribute to promoting the image of Vietnam in the world,” she said.

Hopefully, with a practical approach in an open space, Vietnamese art lovers will be able to exchange, learn and experience the artistic quintessence of artists worldwide, who have come to take part in the activity.

There have never been so many artists working at the same time. This playground is not only for artists and art school students but also for all Vietnamese painting lovers and international visitors.

Like other artists coming to the events, artist Kim Duc has carefully prepared the ideas to depict. She revealed that she would draw a rough sketch showing the global economy during the pandemic period, sending a message of hope for peace to everyone.

In the past, the painting “Cover of Future”, with an anti-climate change message from a Buddhist perspective, also took a long time for the artist to generate the idea and draw, before becoming well-loved.

Young artists joined Hanoi Art Connecting. Photo: Phung My Tram

Attending the event, young singer Hoang Tuan Kiet said that he is very honored to perform in this meaningful event.  

“I think young Vietnamese artists like me are very excited because they are about to see the achievements of artists from all over the world, especially the experienced and talented,” he stated.

“That will arouse their passion for art, giving wings to their dreams of dedicating more and more valuable artworks to people, the country, and the world, together with enriching the spiritual and cultural life of mankind. I’m looking forward to truly valuable works. We are here to welcome and cheer hundreds of painters from all around the globe on,” he added.

The event, the 5th of its kind, will include ceramic painting activities, exhibitions, and exchanges. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about different types of art such as painting, sculpture, and ceramics.

The first edition of this annual event was co-organized in 2016 by Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts and the artist group Asia Art Link.