Teachers at Special Training Course to Enhance Vietnamese Language Teaching Overseas

On August 30, 2023, the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs (SCOVA) and the Ministry of Education and Training's Department of Continuing Education joined forces to close off a Vietnamese-language teaching training course for teachers overseas.


The participation of the 73-year-old teacher, writing poetry, recitals on the zither, dancing Vietnamese together.
This is a special thing in the Vietnamese language teaching training course for Overseas Vietnamese teachers in 2023. Perhaps when we say goodbye and return home, those are unforgettable memories and are also the motivation for teachers to preserve and spread Vietnamese language abroad.

Gray-haired teacher

Among the 70 overseas Vietnamese attending the training, Pham Thi Viet is the oldest person in the training courses to teach Vietnamese for Vietnamese teachers abroad so far.
Born in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand, Viet belongs to the second generation of Vietnamese people settling in this host country.

Special Teachers at Training Course To Improve Vietnamese-Language Teaching Abroad
At 73 years old, Pham Thi Viet is the oldest teacher in the Vietnamese language teaching training courses for Vietnamese teachers abroad to date.
Photo: Pham Ly

“Since we were young, love for our homeland, Vietnam and the place where we were born has penetrated into our skin and become a way of life, an ideal of life in every thought and action.
It’s easy to understand why at this age I still want to teach Vietnamese,” she said.

Now 73 years old, she is still a volunteer teaching Vietnamese to the third and fourth generations born and raised in Thailand.
According to Viet, preserving the Vietnamese language in the Vietnamese community abroad is very important.
“The Vietnamese language still exists, the people still exist, that is the mindset of the Vietnamese community in Thailand.”

“We were touched for the first time to return to Vietnamese language training in Hanoi, our homeland.
Being able to visit Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum, visiting the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Tam Dao town.
Unexpectedly, Vietnam has cities that are as rich and beautiful as other countries,” she said.

Special Teachers at Training Course To Improve Vietnamese-Language Teaching Abroad
Elderly teachers at the training course.
Photo: Pham Ly

Not only Viet, there were also many teachers ages 60 or younger in the Thai delegation, including Pham Thi Thieu, Bui Thi Bach Yen, Phan Thi Mai Nang, Le Thi Teo, Dam Thi Cho, Vo Thi Hong Van, Tran Thi Phuong.
Even though the course schedule is packed, the gray-haired teachers still enthusiastically go to class to absorb experiences to pass on to future generations.

Special Teachers at Training Course To Improve Vietnamese-Language Teaching Abroad
From the young teacher, to the teacher in her 70s, all joined in the song “Vietnam Oi”.
Photo: Pham Ly

The day of return – Reweaving the dream

After finishing the training course, teacher Tran Thi Thu Thuy from the Czech Republic was moved to write the poem “Returning Day” with rustic, simple, emotional verses.

She said that in order to make a living, many teachers like her have to leave the hometown and work in the wrong profession, but in her heart she is very worried when she sees with her own eyes that the foreign generation is unfamiliar with Vietnamese – the language of the Fatherland and ancestors.

Being able to attend the course, she felt like she was reliving her youth. Having been trained and equipped with more knowledge and methods of teaching Vietnamese, she feels confident in re-weaving her once dormant dream – sowing the seeds of learning the mother tongue for generations of Vietnamese descendants in the Czech Republic.

“I’m really glad I found myself again. The training course is really useful for teachers who are far from home and are dedicated to the profession of sowing letters,” she shared.

Video by Pham Ly Youtube Channel

The on Vietnamese-language teaching for Vietnamese teachers abroad in 2023, which opened from August 16-30, drew the participation of over 60 Vietnamese teachers from 17 countries and territories.

Held since 2013, the course has to date benefited over 800 teachers.

Participants had a chance to take part in sideline activities aimed at enhancing education and dissemination on the history, tradition and cultural identity of the nation, and promoting the image of the country and people, and the comprehensive renewal process of Vietnam.

Hannah Nguyen