US Politician Recommends Delicious Shrimp Hotpot

William Hockstedler, a US politician, stated that the shrimp hotpot in Hanoi is a one-of-a-kind dish which he has never come across elsewhere in the world.


Recently, Lau Tom Bau by Chang – a restaurant renowned for its exquisite Hanoi delicacies – went viral on social networks when US politician William Bill Hockstedler visited it during his business trip to Vietnam’s capital city. The restaurant’s traditional dishes were highly praised by the politician, who had a memorable and enjoyable experience. It is no surprise that Lau Tom Bau by Chang has become a must-visit destination for anyone looking for the true taste of Vietnamese cuisine.

Lau tom bau by Chang provides an array of culinary delights from Hanoi and other regions, featuring lau tom bau (a delectable shrimp and pumpkin hot pot) as the star dish.

 US politician William Bill Hockstedler enjoys shrimp hotpot in Hanoi. Photo: Nguyen Trang/The Hanoi Times

The case of Bun cha Huong Lien – a delicacy of Hanoi – has been widely known as Bun cha Obama since then-President Barack Obama enjoyed it during his official visit to Vietnam in 2016. It has become a popular dish among locals and tourists alike, and is a testament to the longstanding friendship between the two nations.

Bill Hockstedler is a candidate for the United States Senate in Nevada. He was made aware of Lau tom bau, a Vietnamese dish, through recommendations from his friends in the country. Hockstedler is eager to explore this new experience and hopes to learn more about the culture and cuisine of Vietnam.

I felt the warmth and kindness of Vietnamese people during my visits to several places in Vietnam. Your friendliness, your closeness, and your sincerity were truly inspiring. I have also come to love Vietnamese cuisine, especially the hot pot at Lau tom bau by Chang – a very unique dish that I have never seen anywhere else in the world. All the ingredients and seasonings were incredibly delicious. ” He remarked with delight.

 Colorful ingredients of shrimp hotpot. Photo: Nguyen Trang/The Hanoi Times

Nguyen Thi Thu Trang, the owner of the restaurant, proclaimed that ingredients are the key to the success of any dish. She asserted that the sweet-tasting gourd shrimp hot pot, combined with seasonal vegetables and an exceptional sauce, is likely what made the US politician leave such wonderful notes.

Shrimp spring rolls are crispy and tasty. Photo: Nguyen Trang/The Hanoi Times