Tam Thanh Beach – An Idyllic Oasis in Quang Nam

Tam Thanh Beach, situated approximately 10 km away from Tam Ky in Quang Nam province, is a tranquil haven boasting pristine golden sands, lush green coconut trees, and an overall peaceful ambiance.


Besides popular destinations like An Bang, Cua Dai, and Dien Duong, Tam Thanh is also a favorite choice for an autumn getaway in Quang Nam. The region is currently focused on developing various tourism services to offer visitors the best experiences.

Tam Thanh Beach – A Serene Paradise In Quang Nam
Tourists bathing on Tam Thanh Beach. Photo: Kristen Wells

Tam Thanh Beach is located in Tam Thanh commune, Tam Ky, Quang Nam. It is surrounded by a large lush forest, creating a tranquil and harmonious atmosphere. The best time to visit the beach is from February to August when visitors can participate in various exciting festival activities. The weather during this period is also excellent, with sunny days and warm evenings ideal for outdoor camping.

Tam Thanh Beach – A Serene Paradise In Quang Nam
One of the most wonderful experiences is watching the sunrise and sunset on Tam Thanh Beach. Photo: Vinpearl

One of the most amazing experiences to have on Tam Thanh Beach is witnessing the sunrise and sunset. When the first rays of sunlight warm the air and disperse the thick fog covering the sky, visitors can enjoy a cup of hot coffee while immersing themselves in the tranquility and serenity of the beach. They can also take the opportunity to take Instagram-worthy check-in photos against unique backdrops.

The southern end of Tam Thanh features a market, several shops, resorts, and restaurants. During the day, the area is peaceful and quiet, but it comes to life in the early evening.

Tam Thanh Beach – A Serene Paradise In Quang Nam
As the heat of the sun begins to fade, the local tourists and residents of Tam Thanh head to the beach to cool off. Photo: IG ngocyenxd

When the sun’s heat begins to subside, local tourists and residents of Tam Thanh flock to the beach to cool down. Tam Thanh Beach is well-maintained and kept clean by local beach chair providers. Lounge chairs are available for a small fee, and refreshments and local snacks can be purchased from food vendors around the beach area.

Unmissable nearby attractions

Visitors to Tam Thanh Beach can also take the time to explore the beautiful Tam Thanh mural village. The village is just a few steps away from the beach and was completed as a project by a group of young Korean artists in 2016. Tam Thanh was chosen as the first painted village of its kind in Vietnam under a joint Korean-Vietnamese project called “Art For A Better Community.”

Tam Thanh Beach – A Serene Paradise In Quang Nam
The colorful painted village in Tam Thanh. Photo: Kristen Wells

The project was a great success, and the village has come alive with the vibrant paintings. The entire town is now a captivating and immersive gallery waiting to be explored. The murals capture the essence and soul of the village, from children playing to fishermen in the ocean.

The joint project involved five Korean artists, seven Vietnamese artists, and local volunteers. Their aim was to show the Vietnamese people that art can be integrated into everyday life. The combination of the stunning artworks and the close-knit layout of the houses in the village creates a unique and enchanting atmosphere. One of the highlights is the incredibly lifelike portraits of local residents still living in their decorated homes.

Tam Thanh Beach – A Serene Paradise In Quang Nam
The Vietnamese Heroic Mother Statue is worth visiting during a trip to the painted village. Photo: Kristen Wells

Another remarkable attraction for visitors is the Vietnamese Heroic Mother Statue, the largest heroic mother statue in Vietnam. Designed by artist Dinh Gia Thang and executed by architect Nguyen Luan, the statue cost over $20 million. It pays tribute to the many mothers who lost their children and grandchildren during the national liberation.

The granite statue stands 18 meters tall and 120 meters wide at its base. It embodies the image of heroic mother Nguyen Thi Thu, who had multiple children and grandchildren who perished in two wars. During the wars, she also sheltered numerous soldiers in five secret tunnels hidden in her garden.

Charlotte Pho