Students Gleaned Knowledge to Strengthen Relations between Japan and Other Nations

Organizers are hosting a series of practical activities to help strengthen the bond between Vietnam and Japan, and to support young Vietnamese people.


Young people play an integral role in forging formal bilateral relationships. To commemorate fifty years of diplomatic ties, numerous initiatives have been organised to provide young individuals with the opportunity to hone their international communication abilities, acquire knowledge about bilateral relations, and demonstrate their capacity to strengthen Vietnam – Japan relations.

Students Gained Insights about Japan to Promote Bilateral Ties
At the event titled “MIG – Model International Government 2023”. Photo: Dong Vy

The History and Culture Club of the High School for Gifted Students at Hanoi National University of Education held an event on April 16th, providing a platform for young people to gain knowledge on the most current topics and events around the world. This gave them the opportunity to discover and learn about various nations’ cultures and histories.

The most significant event of the club’s active season in Hanoi is the building of a beneficial playground for students and pupils. This playground will give them the opportunity to learn and accumulate valuable skills from both Vietnam and other nations, which will be of great help to them in their future work and life.

Inspired by Government meetings in Japan and the difficulties they are facing, the event aimed to address various issues in various important areas of Japanese social life. Through discussion and deliberation, the participants proposed several measures to resolve the issues brought up. By doing so, they hope to create a better future for Japan.

Talking about the event, Do Ba Thao Nguyen shared that she was astounded when she was able to participate in such an event for the first time, where every member could speak their mind and discuss Japanese issues. Thanks to the enlightening talks, she gained valuable knowledge about the Land of the Rising Sun.

Children join an outdoor reading session at the Japanese-styled Sakura Kindergarten in Da Nang. Photo: VNA
Children join an outdoor reading session at the Japanese-styled Sakura Kindergarten in Da Nang. Photo: VNA

Meanwhile, a writing and painting contest is being organized for 10,000 school students in Da Nang to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries in the central city from March 30 to May 30.

The competition is entitled “Da Nang Students Uniting to Strengthen Japan-Vietnam Relations”.

It will feature around 10,000 students from primary, secondary, and high school who will submit their paintings and essays to Japan for selection between June 5th and June 30th. The best paintings and writings in either Vietnamese or Japanese will be rewarded in an awards ceremony in July.

In compliance with the foreign language teaching programme for 2012-2020, Japanese has been taught in 12 primary and seven junior secondary schools in Lien Chieu district, Da Nang. The coastal city and the provinces nearby boast a population of 440 Japanese people. Additionally, there are 60 Japanese restaurants that operate in the city.

Da Nang and Hoi An have been hosting the internationally-renowned annual Japan-Vietnam Cultural Exchange Day since 2014. This popular event provides an opportunity for people from both countries to come together and learn more about each other’s unique cultures. Visitors can take part in a variety of activities, including traditional performances, music and art exhibitions, and food tastings. The event is a great way for people to celebrate the close cultural ties that exist between Japan and Vietnam.

Hannah Nguyen