Strengthening the Psychology Consulting Capacity of High School Homeroom Teachers

The Ministry of Education and Training, in collaboration with Room to Read, conducted a 3-day training course from December 6-8 to enhance the school psychology consulting skills of high school homeroom teachers.


The purpose of this activity is to implement the School Psychological Consulting Support Program and Basic Skills Education, as specified in the 2018 General Education Program for middle and high school levels, period 2022 – 2030, through the Cooperation Agreement between the Ministry of Education and Training and Room to Read Organization.

Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, an officer of Nghe An Department of Education and Training, mentioned that the current statistics in Vietnam show that up to 95.2% of homeroom teachers rely on their own experience and personal knowledge to support students but have not been trained in psychological consulting skills or processes.

Psychology Consulting Capacity of High School Homeroom Teachers Strengthened
The training course aims to enhance the school psychology counseling capacity for homeroom teachers in high schools.

Ngan affirmed that homeroom teachers are the ones closest to the students at school, who understand the circumstances of each student’s family, friends, and personality. Therefore, they need to be equipped with the knowledge to identify psychological difficulties in adolescents and the skills to advise their students.

The training course utilizes materials compiled by the Ministry of Education and Training in collaboration with the Room to Read Organization to provide participants with basic psychological consulting skills and knowledge in common psychological counseling areas in high school. The main contents of this training program include counseling on preventing gender-based abuse and school violence; strengthening response and problem-solving in relationships with family, teachers, friends, and other social relationships; and addressing the impact of social networks…

Psychology Consulting Capacity of High School Homeroom Teachers Strengthened
Nguyen Dieu Nuong, Country Director of Room to Read Vietnam.

According to Nguyen Dieu Nuong, the National Director of Room to Read Vietnam, after completing the training course, participants will conduct training for all class teachers and administrators of six schools in three provinces in the pilot program with the support of Room to Read. Additionally, the program also includes monthly professional support activities to assist homeroom teachers in applying and practicing the knowledge and skills they have acquired in their work.

“Based on evaluating the pilot results, this training content will be expanded to approximately 180 schools, and we hope to integrate it into the annual training and development program for homeroom teachers in the localities,” said Nguyen Dieu Nuong.

Tracy Dao